Archie: I tried to help my dad, Ronnie.
Veronica: Archie, what did you say?
Archie: I told him not to sign the divorce papers, and I don't even know why. It's not like I even want them to get back together. Veronica, why do I keep doing this? I keep wrecking things.
Veronica: Welcome to my life. Every day I feel like there's a new secret, a new lie about my parents about what they've done. I don't want my mom to be guilty, Archie. I really want that to be a lie.

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Riverdale Season 1 Episode 10: "Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend"
The CW
Camila Mendes, K. J. Apa
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Riverdale Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Betty: I should've told you about Chuck, but I lied. And instead threw you this party you didn't want.
Jughead: Why did you?
Betty: Something is very...very wrong with me. Like, there's this darkness in me that's overwhelming. Sometimes I don't know where it comes from, but I think that's what makes me do things.

Cheryl: Secrets & Sins, it's like Truth or Dare in which we own our truths by telling it like it is. I'll start the game with...Veronica Lodge.
Veronica: Naturally.
Cheryl: Let's begin with the day you and your mob wife of a mother came to town for a so called fresh start. Tell us Veronica, what's so fresh about defiling Archie Andrews in a closet?
Veronica: That was your doing...
Cheryl: Moving on! To dear Daddy Lodge, isn't it true that your father, from prison, illegally purchased the drive-in land? Which makes me wonder, what else is he doing from behind bars?
Veronica: Well, I can't speak for my father, but I can think of someone with a very dirty secret. Specifically, Cheryl killing her very own brother.
Cheryl: Everyone knows how much I loved my brother.
Veronica: Exactly. But did you love him maybe in ways a sister shouldn't love a brother? And as you got older, Jason started to think it was strange, unnatural. So he chose Polly over you, so you shot him between the eyes with one of your father's many hunting rifles.
Kevin: This is riveting. I. Can't. Breathe.