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Diggle and Oliver are out in the field and things don't go well. 

In Nanda Parbat Malcolm and Nyssa are sparring, as you do. She admits she's not sparring. He knows. That's why he enjoys it so. Laurel and Thea show up.

Felicity and Oliver try to capitalize on their time alone with Diggle to get the original Team Arrow back together. When Oliver says he's done waiting for Diggle to come around, that means it's time for another useless flashback!

Some dude is in Dig's house. An ARGUS agent. Mina Fayad put the hit on his brother and is in town. She's also meting with Damien Darhk with Double Down. 

Laurel and Nyssa talk about the price of the Pit. Laurel is holding out hope that her spirit will come back. 

There's a robbery in progress while Felicity is looking at the tooth that means someone should be a pile of goo. Dig isn't answer his phone, so Oliver goes out alone. Uh oh.

Both Dig and Oliver are being attacked.

Malcolm knows a guy in the mountains who might be able to help with Thea's Pit issues.

Felicity demands her guys work it out. Diggle tries to explain to Oliver what the hell is going on with him. Oliver doesn't understand why he can't get a chance to earn it back. 

Diggle shares with Oliver what he has learned about HIVE. 

Damien kills the guy who killed Andy Diggle. 

Malcolm shows Thea what she has to do. She will kill until she dies because she cannot kill the one who harmed her. But, he'll do whatever he can to help his daughter.

Oliver tracks the cell phone of Mina Fayad. 

What the hell? Malcolm decides heal his daughter's conscience by restoring Sara's life. That makes no sense. If she truly wants to fight her bloodlust, she would offer the same to Sara. Huh? 

Curtis wonders what the hell is up with that tattoo/homing ink card, and in comes Jeremy Tell. He and Felicity are under attack and in the new Arrow cave. He's down!

Sara is restored and pops out of the Pit, immediately going after Thea, because, duh.

Dig and Oliver stop Double Down and Oliver takes a playing card for Diggle. That's good enough as a bullet for him.

Lair 2.0 is likely compromised, but Oliver has been working on Lair 3.0. It's not a secret. It's a surprise.

Back at Palmer Tech, Felicity's phone goes bonkers again and this time spells her name. 

Nyssa has ruined the Lazarus Pit. 


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Arrow Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

OK, I know that was kind of a bust, but wasn't it fun having the original Team Arrow back together?


Even if Sara went into the Pit, even if it worked, who -- what -- came out of the Pit, would not be Sara. Laurel, I am sorry, truly sorry, but of course, my answer is no.