Arrow Round Table: Resurrection and Bloodlust

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We're back for another Arrow Round Table!

This time we're chatting about Arrow Season 4 Episode 3, "Restoration," in which Sara comes back in the Lazarus Pit, which is later destroyed and Malcolm Merlyn's strange logic surrounding it.

Join Lindsay MacDonald, Hank Otero and Carissa Pavlica for the discussion and share your own thoughts in the comments!

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Favorite or least favorite moment?

Lindsay: Pretty much anything with Felicity and Curtis was a good moment for me. Those two have the same wonderful quirky personalities, so watching them play off each other is great.

Hank: Normally I'd go with any scene involving Malcolm Merlyn, but he didn't bother me too much in this episode. His presence made sense, though his rule as Ra's definitely doesn't to me. Anyway, I loved Sara's resurrection because I've been waiting for it all summer. I'm curious to see John Constantine on the show, and learn more about White Canary. There's a ton of interesting stuff ahead for Sara.

Carissa: Least favorite was the ridiculous logic of Malcolm Merlyn. I just couldn't wrap my head around what he was doing and saying and why he thought if Thea cared about her bloodlust, she'd give Sara a chance, too. It made no sense whatsoever to me.

Was Felicity necessary to bring Diggle and Oliver back together? Talk about it.

Lindsay: Mmmm, not really? I like that she went all mama bear on them, because they both needed a spanking for being so childish, but I think they could have found a way to repair their friendship without her. They were just really going for the "OG Team Arrow" vibe this week.

Hank: You know, I feel like that assertive Felicity took the guys by surprise and helped them along. Did they need her to repair the friendship? Nah. However, I do think her little push broke the ice and helped get their egos in check. They were acting like teenagers, glad everyone can get back to work now.

Carissa: It seemed to me that the whole fued was fueled just to get to this Original Team Arrow moment, which then felt forced. As someone pointed out to me, it also brought to light the possibility it could be the end of that particular group and that it means one of them is going to bite it and be in the grave. Too much of anything is never a good sign. Will Diggle be in the grave?

What did you think about Malcolm's explanation about the Pit and bloodlust?

Lindsay: You know, I really really really really (REALLY!) want to believe that wild fan theory that Malcolm knows so much about the pit symptoms because he already brought Tommy back via the pit, so he's been through it all before. Otherwise, it's just way too convenient, right? Either way, Thea needing to kill people every now and then isn't going to work out very well for her whole superhero image.

Hank: In the comics, insanity is a side effect of the pit's restorative abilities. Therefore, I don't think Malcolm was making it up or anything. It's always possible the team will go in search of the "Fountain of Essence," which is basically a Lazarus Pit minus the side effects.

Carissa: Good lord. He talks in circles. What worried me the most was that he KNOWS dunking into the pit makes you want to hurt the one who hurts you, so he put in the woman his daughter killed. Now on what green earth does that make an ounce of sense? I just can't.

Who will be on Sara's radar and why?

Lindsay: Obviously her dad, but I hope we get to see her interact with Nyssa again once she's no longer has scrambled eggs for brains.

Hank: At first I assumed she leapt out of the pit toward Malcolm, but she landed in front of Nyssa. Perhaps the side effects cause the resurrected to go after their loved ones à la The Strain? Either way, the arrival of our favorite occult detective means Sara probably won't remain cuckoo for long.

Carissa: I still think it's Thea. I understand why some people are saying maybe it would be Malcolm, but as she's been dead this whole time and unable to process anything behind the WHO of who killed her, and not they why, for instance, there is no reason a bloodthirsty person should want to hurt anyone but the person who send her to her death. That would be Thea in her mind.

What are the repercussions of the destruction of the Pit?

Lindsay: No more deus ex machina resurrections? Honestly, that felt more like the writers wanting to cut off that possibility for good, especially since they're killing someone off for good with that grave flash forward.

Hank: I agree with Lindsay, bringing people back via the pit is too easy. The writers clearly wanted to put a stop to resurrections after Sara. However, as I mentioned above, it's possible Nyssa has information on the "Fountain of Essence." She destroyed that one pit because Malcolm had been abusing it, but that doesn't mean there isn't another pit out there somewhere.

Carissa: They had to at the very least slow down the ability to bring people back from the dead. It's just too easy. If they want to go out and get a new pit somewhere down the road? That might be OK. Maybe one that only rejuvenates and doesn't bring one back from actual death. You know, one with rules. For now, though, this one needs to go in order to fill up the grave from Arrow Season 4 Episode 1. And since Nyssa killed it, I'm leaning toward Laurel being in the gravel. Ironic payback for daring being friends with her at one time. So, Diggle or Laurel. Sheesh.

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