Entourage Season 3

"Adios Amigos"

With its producers lined up and Medellin ready to go into production, Vince chooses Billy Walsh for his director

"The Prince's Bride"

Drama gets an offer from Brett Ratner for Rush Hour 3 and Ari finds a potential financial backer for Medellin if Vince can impress his wife.

"The Resurrection"

Eric and Vince work to get Medellin off the ground by acquiring the rights to the script and Drama tries to avoid reviews.

"Return of the King"

Vince has another chance to star in Medellin, but only if Ari and producer Nick Rubenstein can make the deal happen in time.


When Drama finds out his the target of Paul Shore's new Punk'd style show, he thinks he has a way to outsmart Pauly. Eric attempts to smooth out things between Vince and Amanda but finds out they already took care of business.

"Manic Monday"

An angry Amanda makes Vince an interesting new offer and Babs makes Ari fire a bunch of inept employees.

"Dog Day Afternoon"

Vince and Eric delay taking the period movie, angering Amanda. Meanwhile, Eric plans a romantic getaway with Sloan, but has to convince Vince he wants to go solo while Ari tries to get Lloyd to take one for the team with a gay TV writer.

"Less Than 30"

It's Vince's birthday and it looks like a promising new year with Amanda as Vince's new agent. She pushes him to do a period film and Eric and Vince have lunch with Ari.

"Sorry, Ari"

Vince reconsiders Ari as his agent, while Ari desperately scrambles to save the Ramones project and his job.

"What About Bob?"

Eric, Ari, and Bob pitch the Ramones film project to various studios and Ari and Bob have a power struggle. Turtles quests for a pair of limited edition shoes and Drama begins filming his pilot.

"I Wanna Be Sedated"

On the day of his record signing, Drama and Turtle have to hunt down Saigon when he doesn't show up. Meanwhile, Ari dumps an old annoying producer, Bob, on Eric who may be Vince's next film in the form of a Ramones film. Vince runs into a woman at a bookstore and finds out he's on her celebrity list.

"Vegas Baby, Vegas!"

Vince and the boys head to Las Vegas for a little vacation for Vince to make a paid appearance for $100,000. Seth Green starts a fight with Eric about Sloan.

"The Release"

Vince finds out Queens Boulevard will be getting a nationwide release and Ari compromises with a rival agent.

"Strange Days"

Vince agrees to be auctioned off at Sloan's charity event, Eric finds himself falling for Sloan's friend Tori after their threesome, and Ari and Terrance finally come to an agreement.

"Three's Company"

Vince raises his asking price for Aquaman 2 and Sloan gives Eric an opportunity for a threesome. Meanwhile, good old Drama gets an audition!

"Crash and Burn"

Vince and Ari try to move things around so he can do both Medellín and Aquaman 2. Turtle makes an appointment with Ari after Saigon's first single becomes a hit.

"Guys and Doll"

In order to get his dream role in Medellín, Vince needs to charm the pants off the producer. However, when someone steals something from the party the gang begins to change their opinion of Dom.


Vince brings an old friend from New York, Dom, back into the entourage. Ari meanwhile is trying to stop his daughter's relationship with a young, horny child star.

"One Day in the Valley"

Rolling black outs throughout the city are putting a serious hamper on Aquaman's opening weekend and Ari and Eric try to keep Vince from finding out. Meanwhile, the boys help some geeks get into a high school party using Vince's fame.


The third season begins with the premiere of "Aquaman" and Vince looks for the perfect date to bring with him to the premiere. Meanwhile, Ari deals with his financial difficulties and his new low end office space.

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Entourage Season 3 Quotes

James Woods: You got five seconds to give me my fucking tickets! Five!
Drama: Or what? You're gonna huff and puff and blow the house down?
James Woods: How bout I'm gonna knock this fucking door down and come in there and shove your head up Turtle's ass! Give me my fucking tickets! You got five seconds! Five!

Ari: You pick up my suit from the tailor?
Mrs. Ari: I'm going to the fucking tailor, Ari. To pick up the new fucking $5,000 suit that I fucking paid for!