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At the Clam, the guys watch a Star Trek parody.

Joe talks about Jimmy Cracked Corn song. Quagmire guesses that Joe is on vacation.

Jerome brings Cleveland fries and hot sauce. Peter questions Cleveland about putting hot sauce on fries. He tastes the hot sauce. Quagmire dares Peter to drink a shot glass full of hot sauce for 10 bucks. He does. It's a volcano inside his head.

Peter is impressed with himself that he can get people to pay him $10 for doing stupid things. Cutaway to Yanket commercial.

At Quagmire's house, Peter reminds everyone he will do anything for $10. Quagmire tells him to wear the same underwear for a month. Peter already has for two months. Quagmire gives him $50 to change it now.

Peter is pulling into his driveway. Joe offers him $10 for his L2 vertebrae. At Clam, Peter is now wheelchair bound. Joe is walking. Joe now has to do stupid stuff for $10, so Peter makes him change chins.

The guys are walking around Quahog drunk. Cleveland tells Peter to drink as much water as he can from a fire hydrant. The fire hydrant blows Peter into the library. He fights with the book White Fang for ruining his 8th grade summer. Joe comes and shoots the book for the same reason.

Stewie is on an exercise ball in the living room. He's talking to Brian who is watching TV about the core, etc. Brian pops the ball.

Tom Tucker is on and broadcasts the destruction of the library caused by Peter. He walks in, and Lois questions him.

Mayor West holds a press conference announcing he's raising the drinking age to 50 because of what happened. It's called Peter's Law.

Peter is not happy and complains that he won't have anything to do now. Lois suggests knitting.

At the Clam Tom Tucker is once again talking about the alcohol ban. Trisha Takanawa is interviewing people. 

Joe complains about the ban. The guys try different ways to get alcohol. First, they go to the brewery, but the security guard makes fun of Peter so they leave. Then they go to a prison where Peter thinks the prisoners make wine in the toilets, but it's not.

Then they decide to go to the next town, but they can't buy liquor there either because they aren't dressed head to toe in jeans, which is the law. Jay Leno is mayor.

They go back to the Clam and see Brian drinking. They find out that Brian is legal drinking age in dog years, so they convince Brian to buy them alcohol. Brian agrees.

Cutaway to Peter watching a pot boil.

After Brian buys the alcohol, he and the guys play drinking games. At home, Brian and Peter are sitting on the couch, drunk and talking. They are best friends. Peter goes to the bathroom to throw up. Stewie comes in and sees Brian. He tells Brian that Peter is using him. Brian thinks he's jealous.

Lois comes in and questions Brian about Peter trying to climb into the dishwasher. She realizes they are drunk and bans alcohol from being in the house.

Peter and Brian decide to go drink in the park. Brian asks Peter if he's using him. Peter denies it. Brian leaves to bite water. A cop comes up and cards Peter. He blames Brian for buying the alcohol.  Brian gets arrested. 

He is picking up trash on the roadside with other prisoners, including Seamus. Peter stops on side of road to ask Brian to buy alcohol. Brian is upset, and they argue. Peter drinks a half can of hot beer then burps in Brian's face and calls a cop a "pig." 

Peter is picking up trash alongside Brian. Brian is angry at what Peter did to get him in jail.

Cutaway to Lying Peter.

Peter tries to convince Brian to help him get law repealed.

Cutaway to Thomas Edison gag.

At home, Brian tells Peter how they can get law repealed. Peter doesn't like the idea.

They ring Mayor West's door. He thinks they're trick or treaters. Peter asks the mayor to repeal the law. His wife comes out with a glass of wine. Brian uses that for blackmail, but West thinks he'll resign in scandal instead. Peter tells him what drinking means to the working class guy. West agrees to repeal the law.

At home, the Griffin's talk about the happy ending. Chris is wearing a Yanket. Stewie says he thew that on him because he was just doing it out in the open.



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Family Guy Season 14 Episode 14 Quotes

I can get people to pay me 10 bucks just for doing stupid stuff?


Oh, yeah. Black guys put hot sauce on everything on account most of us have been pepper-sprayed by the time we're two.