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Stewie is having a nightmare which includes him forgetting his line in Family Guy's opening song. He sings, "pumpkin pie" instead of "laugh and cry."

He wakes up and goes to sleep with Lois and Peter. Peter can't sleep so ends up sleeping on the table. Brian comes in and tells him there's a futon in the attic. 

In the morning, Stewie is exhausted and crabby from a poor night's sleep. Stewie tells Brian about his problem.

Lois finds Peter in the attic and asks him what he is doing. Peter tells her he turned the attic into a place to hangout.

Stewie is trying to stay awake watching TV, but falls asleep and has another nightmare. Brian decides he's going to do research and help Stewie.

The guys are in the attic having an insulation fight and being man-boys. Lois comes up and is not happy. She wants Peter to take garbage out, but he refuses.

Brian decides to have people dress up as monsters to help Stewie combat his fears.

Lois is frustrated with Peter and the guys up in the attic so locks them up there.

Brian's cure didn't work so Stewie built a digital dream interface. With the device Brian can infiltrate Stewe's dreams and kill the monster.

In Stewie's dream, Brian meets Glenn Close. She tries to show him her silly side by saying fart. Stewie shows up and turns himself into Elmo, then the two leave to hunt for the monster.

The guys are crying for help through the vents, but no one can hear them. Meg is listening to headphones about what do do when a bear attacks.

Stewie and Brian go through a series of Stewie's nightmares, including a roller coaster of monsters, the doctor's office, terrifying news, petting zoo, grandpa's kiss.

They land inside a table football and the monster is playing trying to kill them. Doctor Hartman shows up with his huge needle. Brian takes it and throws it at the monster, killing it. When it dissolves, it turns into Brian.

Stewie tells Brian that his deepest fear is disappointing Brian, because Brian has been like a father figure to him.

The guys are begging Lois to let them out. Peter threatens to poop on Lois' wedding dress. Cleveland ends up pooping on it. Quagmire throws up. Lois grabs a towel rack and jacks open the door she screwed shut, the guys come tumbling out, a huge hole in the ceiling.

Lois agrees she went to far.

Brian tells Stewie about his dream statements. Stewie thinks Brian is an egotistical jerk.

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Family Guy Season 14 Episode 15 Quotes

Couch 1: I just had sex with a girl on her period.
Couch 2: Dude, that's not a brag.

I might need two weeks off from this friendship.