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The Lunch Box has reopened, but business is slow. Someone is posting bad reviews online for the restaurant. Neville realizes that competing restaurant owners are responsible for those reviews. 
Jackie convinces Neville to pretend to be her lawyer and scare the other restaurant owners into pulling their negative reviews. The plan works at the first restaurant, but Neville doesn’t like playing this role. He tells Jackie that he can’t keep worrying that she will leave him if he says no to her. Jackie says she has no intention of leaving him. She’s not used to be the person with power in a relationship.
Neville says that they are equals from here on out, or they’re done. Jackie loves his assertive side and takes him home. 
Dan is fixing up an old trailer and hoping to go cross country with Louise once they are both vaccinated, but Louise tests positive for Covid-19. Dan plans to stay at Louise’s to take care of her, but when Dan gets to Louise’s, she refuses to let him in. 
Darlene worries she gave Louise Covid. She’s been sneaking off to a local hotel to sit by the pool and relax. Last Saturday, she fell asleep in a pool chair, and when she woke up, she was surrounded by people not wearing masks. Dan is furious that she put them at risk. Ben is upset that Darlene’s been lying to him.
Darlene tests negative for Covid, as does the rest of the family. Louise got it elsewhere. Darlene says she felt selfish, needing time to herself, and didn’t want to hurt Ben’s feelings. Ben tells Darlene that they have to be honest with one another moving forward. She agrees. 
Dan is worried about Louise. He lost Roseanne and doesn’t think he can go through that again. Becky makes him see he can’t expect the worst and needs to continue working on that trailer for when Louise recovers.
The Conners
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The Conners Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Jackie [to Dan]: I can't believe you were willing to lie to us and then go over and see Louise. Are you insane?
Becky: You cannot go over there. You are the poster child for underlying conditions.

Customer: Somebody said the lasagna here wasn't fit to feed a dog. I think my dog would love this.
Becky: It says our lasagna tastes like two car mats in a puddle of watered-down ketchup. And you still ordered it?
Customer: I'm from Missouri. I'm a "Show Me" guy.