Castle Season 7 Episode 21 Review: In Plane Sight

Castle Review: In Plane Sight

On Castle Season 7 Episode 21, on a flight to London, Castle and Alexis try to find the killer of an Air Marshall before they can take down the plane.
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Stalker Season 1 Episode 18 Review: The Woods

Stalker Review: The Woods

Stalker Season 1 Episode 18 found the team searching for Beth in the woods after Ray takes her, but did they emerge victorious? Read on for the full review!
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The Following Season 3 Episode 10 Review: Evermore

The Following Review: Evermore

A hostage situation erupts on The Following Season 3 Episode 10 and Ryan must go in alone to diffuse it. Will everyone make it out alive? Read the review for details!
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You want to be real honest here? If she killed the professor I wouldn't care, I'd still marry her.


Oh yeah, give it time Danny and I'm sure by tomorrow you will be making their lives as miserable as you make mine.