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How I Met Your Mother Review: "The Rough Patch"

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It was a day we never saw coming (unless you read How I Met Your Mother spoilers on TV Fanatic), but the end of a seemingly perfect televsion relationship, Barman and Robin came to an end this week.

When Ted and Marshall saw how miserable a now overweight Barney and a ghoulish Robin have become with each other, they enlisted the help of the Krakan (aka Lily) to break them up.  Using an elaborate plan that involved Crazy Meg, Alan Thicke and a storm trooper, television's best couple came to an end.

The Kraken Plan

So how was "The Rough Patch," the episode that ended it all?  While not as funny as previous episodes, it certainly had its moments:

  • Barney's prerecorded video on ArchiSEXture, including knowing that Marshall would be there?  Amazing!
  • Using more future Ted storytelling devices like remembering Barney as fatter than he was and the porn tape accidentally falling into the VCR?  Classic.
  • While a little over-the-top, you couldn't help but laugh when everyone, including Alan Thicke, came together in the stakeout van...err station wagon
  • Everything involving the storm pooper
  • Barney returning to his former skinny self in the matter of the walk home from the diner?  Nothing short of Legen... wait for it... dary.
  • How badly are you waiting to see Alan Thicke and Robin's Candian Variety show?

Altogether the episode could have been funnier, but even a non-funny HIMYM is better than most sitcoms on television.  We're sad to see Barney and Robin broken up, but we'll be so glad to have Barney single and the show's dynamic back.  This season became Barney and Robin's show and it needs to return to its former glory.

Now for some of our favorite How I Met Your Mother quotes from the episode after the jump.

Ted: They're not barney and robin anymore. They're the fat guy and the old lady.
Marshall: My favorite 70's detective show. | permalink
Barney [prerecored on porn tape]: Hello, Ted. If you're watching this tape, and I knew you'd pick this one, you're now in posession of my porn. And this can only mean one of two things: either I'm dead or I'm in a committed relationship. If I'm dead I want you to honor my memory by taking my body to the Hamptons and recreate Weekend at Bernies. I want to dance, go fishing, and I want to have sex with a girl. If on the other hand I'm in a committed relationship, as your best friend I have only one request... for the love of god get me out of it | permalink
Barney: Your girlfriend? She's your girl.. friend? She's a girl and a friend? Do not humanize the enemy, Ted. | permalink
Delivery Guy: I have a sausage pizza delivery
Ted: That sounds the start of one of Barney's videos
Delivery Guy: I don't even know if it's gonna fit in there
Ted: Now you're just quoting it
Delivery Guy: Okay someone has to take this sausage
Ted: Were you in that video? | permalink

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Fifty scene was the porn video. BarnMan @ his BEST!!!


whats the name of the actrees of "crazy meg" i wanna know, she is pretty hot! smoking hot!