Family Guy Review: "Brian and Stewie"

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For the 150th episode of Family Guy, Seth McFarlane decided to try something brave and do a one-scene episode with Brian and Stewie trapped in a bank vault with the cleverly titled, "Brian and Stewie."

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While the episode was an hour long, the second half was actually a series of musical numbers from past episodes as part of the "Fox Rocks" week.  We're only going to consider the first half, which was basically an extended episode, for our 150th episode review.

Brian and Stewie are easily the strongest, most fleshed out characters of the Family Guy universe, so it was only fitting to use them if you're going to have a two man play in cartoon form.  However, we can't help but think the 150th episode should have brought in the entire cast.  Maybe they're saving that for the 200th episode.

As far as any episode goes, "Brian and Stewie" was an impressive episode for trying a unique angle with absolutely no cut-away gags.  Sure the poop gag may have gone on a little too long, but overall the episode was loaded with laughs and heart.  Definitely not the strongest Family Guy of the season, and definitely not fitting for a 150th episode to us.

What'd you guys think?  Our favorite Family Guy quotes from the episode are after the jump.

Brian: Actually it's called Brian and Stewie.
Stewie: Really? Shouldn't it be person before animal, like Turner & Hooch?
Brian: I don't think that movie is a good example... of anything. | permalink
Brian: You invented a time machine, but you can't get us out of a safe?
Stewie: Yeah, that's science. I'm not Houdini. | permalink
Stewie: I like what comes out of Lois' breasts better, but I like this too. | permalink
Brian: I don't like strawberry yogurt.
Stewie: Picky for someone who eats from a plastic bowl from the floor every day. | permalink


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I'm a huge fan of Stewie and Brian, and in regular episodes of Family Guy I always look forward to their plotlines. I was super excited for this episode, but it was a huge disappointment. I don't care about the change in the format that some people complain about. The only thing that caught me was Brian eating Stewie's feces and that was simply downright disgusting, no matter how you see it. It's not funny. It's gross and I cannot understand why anybody would think it's hilarious. It's just sick. I overlook whatever else that happened in this episode because it just disgusted me.


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Its Family Guy. This show has went downhill quick. First off, its only natural that the whole family guy formula(cut away gags, cartoon violence, and slightly edgy jokes) would have to come to an end sooner or later. Poeple are going to get bored of that. This season and the last have both suck, and this "Brian and Stewie" episode was the best thing to come from Family Guy in a while. But its clear to see that they just cant use that 0old formula anymore, therefore the show should be ended. However, this episode really did show that seth mcfarlane and the other writers, really could make something serious and emotional. And maybe they could create a new show, and take it in that direction.


I loved this episode. Sure it's different than the usual Family Guy, but it's still a good episode. It's still entertaining, it's still got some of the usual Family Guy humor, with the poop and the pierced ear gag. It's just a different approach, and I applaud Seth for the brave new outlook on Stewie and Brian. Nice job, man. PS: Sam, if you're going to try and sound smart, you shouldn't leave like 60 grammatical errors. Reading your comment actually hurt my brain.


I find family guy to be hilarious! Perhaps some of the jokes get quite repetitive, but there is an originality that other is not in any other cartoon that I have ever watched. This episode, although some people seem too hate it, I absolutely loved it, having lost two people in my life to suicide it shows that in your life there is always people that love you, and through some jokes, it has meaning, and an ending that brought tears to my eyes, its not an episode you'll find hilarious, but its one that has an important meaning I think we can all benefit from. I say well done Seth.


Since "The Cleveland Show" does not have a pet character yet, and since the evil monkey in Chris' closet from the Family Guy is no longer there, I thought why shouldn't he be the pet character in "The Cleveland Show."


The single worst episode in Family Guy History.
Family Guy use to be hilarious a few years back but now it's nothing more then tired poo gags and constant insults at Meg.
Family Guy has dated and is looking more immature then ever.
It's about that they end it before it implodes completely.


I loved this episode. Stewie and Brian are an awesome double act. Maybe the 150th episode should have included more of the characters and should have had more jokes but I love it when shows like this get a bit more deep and heartfelt. It showed a different side to family guy and to Stewie and Brian. I was disgusted when Brain had to eat poo that was really gross!. After the part where the bullet was boucing off the walls it was boring for a while (What was the point in them getting drunk and piercing Stewie's ear?). Then when Stewie asked why Brian had the gun and Brian said it was because he felt suicidal at times I felt emotional and knew this was not just any old family guy episode. When Stewie said that he loved Brian I started to cry!!!. xxx :) Well done Seth a great episode! xxx ;)


See, this episode reminded me of scrubs so badley, only because of the break from comedy. Episodes such as my lunch and the finale for season 8 stepped away from the normal scrubs mechanic of JD going off in daydreams etc, and introduced drama into a comedy, a hard thing to do. You shouldnt be slating seth for trying something different, you should be applauding him for seemlessly mixing elements of drama into a show which has focused on punching hitler off a unicycle for 8 seasons.


People are taking this way too seriously, the show surely wasn't written for the sole purpose of making people "feel" , it's a baby and a talking dog !
some parts were great tho , it wasn't laugh out loud funny but i watched it with my friends and some of the conversations that stewie and brian were having were so similar to the ones we have all the time , great writing Seth , if you are reading this then i still love you :D x

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Family Guy Season 8 Episode 17 Quotes

Brian: You invented a time machine, but you can't get us out of a safe?
Stewie: Yeah, that's science. I'm not Houdini.

Brian: Actually it's called Brian and Stewie.
Stewie: Really? Shouldn't it be person before animal, like Turner & Hooch?
Brian: I don't think that movie is a good example... of anything.