Family Guy Review: "Brian and Stewie"

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For the 150th episode of Family Guy, Seth McFarlane decided to try something brave and do a one-scene episode with Brian and Stewie trapped in a bank vault with the cleverly titled, "Brian and Stewie."

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While the episode was an hour long, the second half was actually a series of musical numbers from past episodes as part of the "Fox Rocks" week.  We're only going to consider the first half, which was basically an extended episode, for our 150th episode review.

Brian and Stewie are easily the strongest, most fleshed out characters of the Family Guy universe, so it was only fitting to use them if you're going to have a two man play in cartoon form.  However, we can't help but think the 150th episode should have brought in the entire cast.  Maybe they're saving that for the 200th episode.

As far as any episode goes, "Brian and Stewie" was an impressive episode for trying a unique angle with absolutely no cut-away gags.  Sure the poop gag may have gone on a little too long, but overall the episode was loaded with laughs and heart.  Definitely not the strongest Family Guy of the season, and definitely not fitting for a 150th episode to us.

What'd you guys think?  Our favorite Family Guy quotes from the episode are after the jump.

Brian: Actually it's called Brian and Stewie.
Stewie: Really? Shouldn't it be person before animal, like Turner & Hooch?
Brian: I don't think that movie is a good example... of anything. | permalink
Brian: You invented a time machine, but you can't get us out of a safe?
Stewie: Yeah, that's science. I'm not Houdini. | permalink
Stewie: I like what comes out of Lois' breasts better, but I like this too. | permalink
Brian: I don't like strawberry yogurt.
Stewie: Picky for someone who eats from a plastic bowl from the floor every day. | permalink


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Yeah, I'm sure this episode was great for those who never watch the show and rip on it every chance they get, but to people who actually watch it to laugh (it's supposed to be a comedy) it was the worst episode ever, and that's saying something since every episode since practically the 2008 election season has been terrible. As a fan of animation comedy I'm just counting the days till new South Park episodes come out. Now that's a show that hasn't lost it's funny.


You have to ask yourself how a show about a dog eating the shit out of a babie's ass and then licking his crack makes prime time.
Oh wait, its america.... *This* is mainstream entertainment? Are you people actually defending this as quality programming? This is one of the reasons the world hates you, imposing your poisonous culture across the world as a beacon of elightened progress wether we want it or not.
Burn to the ground soon, pls


i ship brian/stewie


I just want to draw the attention to some of the huge historical mistake mentioned in that very offensive show. Don’t care if it was intentionally or none intentionally. In one of the episode: when peter met the Jewish accountant he said to that Jewish guy what you guys don’t do. Lois said: no they (the Jewish) built the pyramids (this is the mistake I am talking about). Jewish people never built the pyramids Egyptians did not the Jews. However Egyptians slavery the Jews a lot and they might be used them as work force amongst the other work force used to build the pyramids. They (the Jews) keep laying about that facts every where even in Egypt it self. But the history is very clear to every body This is just to correct and express a fact in the history can’t be ignored.


my mom at a young age taught me that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that, BUT to those who say that this was the worst episode of family guy...are obviously wayy to used to Peter ragging on meg, all the cutaways,a chicken fight and everything else that comes with a family guy episode. This was by far the best episode of family guy I have seen in a long time. The last 5 mins were amazing. Sometimes its good to think while watching a funny show.


While I personally feel that Bryan licking feces from Stewie's asshole was a little much, I couldn't help but think it was very South-Park-esque to push the limits of acceptable comedy in such a dramatic fashion.
For instance, if this had happened on South Park with say...Randy and Jimbo, people would have likely found it hysterical. However, Family Guy has always been a little deeper with character development than South Park, particularly in terms of Brian and Stewie. I think viewers and long-time fans felt a little betrayed by seeing their favorite characters so defamed. While characters are frequently mocked and seen breaking their usual persona, this instance was not humorous enough to justify such a radically repulsive scenario for many. That all being said, I liked the episode, and also thought Adult Swim was a buncha girls for editing it so much.


I'm not going to down no one on either side of "love or hate" yhis episode. This was one of the best episodes ever. Top ten, in my opinion. There was no "child porn" that I could see. Just a deep admiration for each other between Brian and Stewie. A brotherly love, so to speak. There was a message in this episode and you have to actually pay attention. Sure I was taken aback because there wasn't much humor. But, this was a different direction for the 150th show. I doubt that this will happen again. Bravo Seth! It was a masterpiece.


Worse than the Cleveland Show. We don't watch for this Seth, draw a picture or something. You have a careers worth of material sitting in DC right now.


Okay, since everyone else seems to lean all the way in one direction or the other, I just felt like venting my middle-of-the-road opinion. My thanks to anyone actually reading it. I haven't been a huge fan of Family Guy in a long time. This episode was different, and I do applaud the experimentation, and I'm glad they finally got bored with the Conway Twitty, etc. Chaos knows I was bored of it years ago. I just wish Seth and co. would decide if they want to make a prime-time comedy or not. Pick one...feces humor, or suicide drama. They don't fit together..for me. My opinion, not a fact. And it does seem like they are pandering for an Emmy to me. Of course, they aren't the first to try.


i just want to know who, or what, opened the safe door at the end to let the guys out. is this a reference to something ... tv show, movie, book ... ?

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Family Guy Season 8 Episode 17 Quotes

Brian: You invented a time machine, but you can't get us out of a safe?
Stewie: Yeah, that's science. I'm not Houdini.

Brian: Actually it's called Brian and Stewie.
Stewie: Really? Shouldn't it be person before animal, like Turner & Hooch?
Brian: I don't think that movie is a good example... of anything.