Family Guy Review: "Brian and Stewie"

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For the 150th episode of Family Guy, Seth McFarlane decided to try something brave and do a one-scene episode with Brian and Stewie trapped in a bank vault with the cleverly titled, "Brian and Stewie."

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While the episode was an hour long, the second half was actually a series of musical numbers from past episodes as part of the "Fox Rocks" week.  We're only going to consider the first half, which was basically an extended episode, for our 150th episode review.

Brian and Stewie are easily the strongest, most fleshed out characters of the Family Guy universe, so it was only fitting to use them if you're going to have a two man play in cartoon form.  However, we can't help but think the 150th episode should have brought in the entire cast.  Maybe they're saving that for the 200th episode.

As far as any episode goes, "Brian and Stewie" was an impressive episode for trying a unique angle with absolutely no cut-away gags.  Sure the poop gag may have gone on a little too long, but overall the episode was loaded with laughs and heart.  Definitely not the strongest Family Guy of the season, and definitely not fitting for a 150th episode to us.

What'd you guys think?  Our favorite Family Guy quotes from the episode are after the jump.

Brian: Actually it's called Brian and Stewie.
Stewie: Really? Shouldn't it be person before animal, like Turner & Hooch?
Brian: I don't think that movie is a good example... of anything. | permalink
Brian: You invented a time machine, but you can't get us out of a safe?
Stewie: Yeah, that's science. I'm not Houdini. | permalink
Stewie: I like what comes out of Lois' breasts better, but I like this too. | permalink
Brian: I don't like strawberry yogurt.
Stewie: Picky for someone who eats from a plastic bowl from the floor every day. | permalink


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This episode is more eye opening and has such a stronger message than not being funny.
I'm completely taken aback by this episode and there were some parts that really touched something I've thought about before and this has opened my eyes.
If you do not appreciate this episode you are a heartless moron who has never gone through a hard day in your life.


I think it was very good, I agree with the article here, may be it wasn't the best, and certainly not the best for a 150th, but it was very different and good, it wasn't boring by any chance, and it was very smart.


Worst Family Guy episode EVER!


Wow, from reading this it looks like the people who liked this episode are morons. Not for liking the episode but for thinking if you don't like it you're brain dead. Ok, I get they are trying something different but that doesn't say anything about the quality. For people who say "You're a moron if you don't want the change" Well what if the makers of 24 or Lost decided to try something different and turn their shows into a slapstick sitcom? would that be brilliant because it's different. Now for the arguement that it was great because it was deep, etc, etc. I enjoy being challenged with TV and movies. But that kind of deepness does not contain a huge sequence of Brian eating Stewie's shit and licking his arse. Sorry I don't find content bordering on being child porn "Deep and meaningful".


THE WORST EPISODE EVER! I hated every second of it.. Mike Henry was right to have his own show "The Cleveland Show". If I was him, I'd fire Seth MacFarlane.. The episode sucked ass :)


I'm amused by those who express their dislike for the episode with statements like "I changed the channel" and "it's not a show worth watching". The show obviously still generates your interest if you are watching it and deem it necessary to express your disapproval. Unless, and I shudder at the thought, you didn't watch the episode and still deem it necessary to post your hatred toward the show. That is just creepy.
I'm also disheartened by how many individuals posting comments, are oblivious to the art and work that goes into creating scripted entertainment. Are you truly unaware that some of the best humor, no matter how absurd, can still have pathos? It might do several of you a great deal of good, to make efforts to attend live theater, if not for the first time, then go more often. Because you also have missed the point of what Seth MacFarlane created for his 150th episode. And trust me, if you need me to elaborate on that comment, you completely prove my point. Just take the hint and go see live theatre. What you can learn might amaze you.
Was it a "brilliant" episode? Personally, I think the word is over used as is "classic" and "genius". However, the writing (yes, even with the scatological jokes) and the direction, as well as the acting (Seth MacFarlane all alone on this one) were by far stronger then most sitcoms that aired on the same night. He did in 1/2 an hour, what most Broadway shows fail to do when opening a new show in New York. It elicits genuine emotional responses from the audience. Personally, I applaud the show's creator's for sneaking in a bit of culture into a the Fox network. Which has been lacking originality and compassionate programing for years.


For the morons: I am almost 99% positive Jule. did not mean romantic as a reference to the embrace of love. I think they meant the idea of Romanticism. go 2 skewl.


I feel that this episode was great, the beginning was a little weird but the fact of no mentally retarded cutoff jokes made me love this episode!


the person who wrote the review two down (Jule). . . that is the stupidest shit i have ever read. Did you even watch the show?? You are sick to think is was the most romantic thing you have seen in years?? you need to go back in your sheltered life and never turn the TV on again. Most romantic thing you have seen in years?? Ya your right, a dog eating baby shit then licking a bady's ass!! SO ROMANTIC!! Oh and then the talk about killing himself!! you might be the creepest person out there!!! god your messed up. your def of "true love"; eat baby shit, lick the baby's ass, get drunk with the baby, ripe the baby's ear off, and finish it up by talking about killing yourself!! you (Jule) suck as bad as that episode!!


For all of you pretentious idiots who are saying this episode was somehow "brilliant" for being dramatic, IT'S ABOUT A TALKING DOG AND A TALKING BABY! He could have had them reading Shakespeare and it would still be crap because bottom line, you can't have drama in a situation so absurd! It was boring, went on far too long, and completely inappropriate. If you did this on another show ("Family Ties" did episodes like this from time to time), that would be one thing. But "Family Guy" has always presented itself as an outrageous comedy. To make a left turn like this... wow. Desperate for an Emmy, are we?

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Family Guy Season 8 Episode 17 Quotes

Brian: You invented a time machine, but you can't get us out of a safe?
Stewie: Yeah, that's science. I'm not Houdini.

Brian: Actually it's called Brian and Stewie.
Stewie: Really? Shouldn't it be person before animal, like Turner & Hooch?
Brian: I don't think that movie is a good example... of anything.