The Mentalist Review: "Pink Chanel Suit"

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When Patrick Jane walked into a wake/crime scene on "Pink Chanel Suit" and knocked on a casket, bent over and took a listen, I had to ask: Why? Was he really expecting a response?

Later on, we find out he thinks there are two bodies in the casket and he is shocked to find out he’s wrong.  I loved that scene.  For as much as I like this man, he has an arrogant streak that needs to be taken down a peg sometimes.

Excuse Me, Mourners...

I was happy to see Ayre Gross playing Dr. Saban in this episode, even though upon seeing him I figured he was the killer.  I love his occasional appearances as Perlmutter on Castle.  Although his character wasn’t nearly as quirky here, I still enjoyed him.

Meanwhile, every episode has its Patrick Jane silly moment and this was no exception.  Jane trying to run across the estate, while carrying a rolled up area rug on his shoulder, was comical. Of course, he had a perfectly logical explanation... in his mind. 

He wanted to see if it was for the killer to carry Abby’s body off the estate and not be seen by security.  Was it?  “Not unless the culprit was a mountain gorilla.”

As for the Awww Moment of the Night? It goes to Rigsby. He notices VanPelt’s necklace and asks if it is a gift from her new boyfriend, O’Loughlin.  When Grace confirms that it is, he simply replies, “He has good taste.” 

It’s so nice to see him forgo a sarcastic comment and just be... nice.  Even though these two are officially apart, I still look forward to the Rigsby/VanPelt scene in each episode.

The end was entertaining.  When Abby’s mother requests an apology from Jane, he calls her a “self righteous, embittered, old bat.”  Of course, he doesn’t know she’s listening.  To Pauline’s credit, she agrees with Jane.  She says she is embittered but admits that his “arrogant, callous, juvenile behavior” revealed the truth about what happened to her daughter and she thanks him.  Somehow Jane’s “sorry” doesn’t come across quite as genuine - but he can be hard to read.

What did everyone else think?


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Isn't "Pink Chanel Suit" a reference to that classic Simpsons episode?


I believe that Jane knew the whole time that there was no second body in the trunk. He completely psyched out the person who killed Abby. Now that they already checked the coffin the killer did not think they would got through angering the family by checking it again. So the Dr. was going ro put the body in the coffin. All the CBI had to so was lie in wait. Jane is a genius. Everythingvhe does is for a reason


Can't agree with what people say about Robin/Lisbon. She's one of the most charismatic female leads on tv right now. Lisbon's back to to being fiery and demanding, something she lost over season 2. She also seems to be far more equal with Jane, can "read" him better etc. The problem is Hightower who is far more involved than Minelli was and quite annoys me with her bossing (Lisbon) around. Agree with Lisbon's hair though, what's wrong with it? It looked absolutely beautiful in season 2, all shiny and so on.... And I'd rather like more Jane&Lisbon flirting scenes than this boring Rigsby/Van Pelt stuff *yawns*. Really, what happened to their (Jane and Lisbon's) awesome dynamic?


You've got it right, the two-in-one coffin trick is an old one and I quite expected it and was amused when he said he was wrong, but only this once and of course used it to commit his latest coup. I aggree that Lisbon looks less and less like a boss. Change her clothing and attitude, apparently Tunney and Baker like to work together, but they need a little distance. By the way, I now know the reason for the old car Baker drives, in the first episode of the Aussie serial "Heartbreak High" he drives an old Citroen 4CV. I'm sure Mr Baker had a say in picking this particular car as Jane, sentimental perhaps.


this show has a good cast but I just can't warm up to Robin Tunney. She doesn't have the charisma to pull off the leadershio role and please comb her hair!


You mentioned Castle but did you forget the recent episode of Castle with 2 corpses in a casket?

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