The Simpsons Review: "How Munched is That Birdie in the Window"

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This season of The Simpsons has definitely had some impressive guest stars, but none have felt as under utilized as Danica Patrick and Rachel Weisz were this week.

Danica Patrick and Rachel Weisz

The two of these lovely ladies were each only given a couple lines and the racing vixen only appeared in a tangential dream, while the Academy Award winning actress was stuck in a short role filling shoes of the deceased Dr. Marvin Monroe.

We'll forgive Weisz's character if she can hook us up with a prescription for Oxycontin candy.  Those looked delicious.

As far as the rest of "How Munched is That Birdie in the Window," it certainly had its funny jokes and visual gags that make The Simpsons entertaining week in and week out, but it just seemed to fizzle out in the third act.

I know that complaining about a cartoon's plot, especially one in its twenty second season seems silly, but I hold The Simpsons to a higher standard than its other Sunday night brethren.   This is a show that gave us "Lisa Simpson, This Isn't Your Life" just two weeks ago. 

They could have ended this week's installment with something more meaningful than Bart killing an ostrich for survival and suddenly understanding why Santa's Little Helper killed his pigeon off instinct. 

Even the cliched route of Helper saving Bart would have been better.  Or maybe just a more clever final act in general would have left us with a better taste in our mouth.

Our rambling is over and we'll leave you with our favorite Simpsons quotes from the half hour:

Moe: Pretty much if it moves, you can bet on it.
Homer: What about the Detroit Lions?
Moe: Hey, lay off Detroit. Them people is livin' in Mad Max times. | permalink
Pigeon Owner: He's a homing pigeon. He comes home. Unless you wanna spring for a limo. | permalink
Danica Patrick: I'm contractually obligated by my sponsors to appear in random fans' fantasies. | permalink
Nelson: My mom ran off with my birthday clown! | permalink


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Seriously James, seriously?
Accusing The Simpsons of ripping off Family Guy is as stupid as saying Marilyn Monroe based her career on Madonna.


I'm surprised no-one mentioned the blatant Family Guy rip in the last scene! Exactly the same as Peter's chicken fights - no attempt at parody whatsoever. Just thievery. Perhaps to distract me from yet another lame ending.


@Cathy - I tried to fix it. Sorry guys. I'm mostly the programmer around these parts and only pop in here if no one else on the staff is willing to cover a show.


"while the Academy Award winning actress did a mediocre job of the filling the roles of the deceased Dr. Marvin Monroe." Sorry Eric, maybe i'm wrong here but what you wrote does read like an attack on Rachel Weisz, which is uncalled for considering that it was the writing and not the performances that did this episode in. Its not a stupid review but its poorly worded one.


Hmm. I believe I said they were both under utilized. That's not blaming the "actresses." Weisz did fine but her character was hardly memorable.


This episode was horrendous. It was nothing but tasteless joke after tasteless joke. What happened to the clever satire this show was known for? Now it's just immature humor.


So let me get this straight, Rachel Weisz gave a bad performs in your opnion while Danica Patrick only had one or two lines and she gave a good performace? What a stupid review.


Give me a break. Rachel Weisz was fine, the problem was the show itself, which was unfunny and has been through out the season.

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The Simpsons Season 22 Episode 7 Quotes

I'm contractually obligated by my sponsors to appear in random fans' fantasies.

Danica Patrick

He's a homing pigeon. He comes home. Unless you wanna spring for a limo.

Pigeon Owner