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Two and a Half Men Review: "Ow, Ow, Don't Stop"

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Oh Jake and Eldridge.  Trust me.  I understand.  After spending many of my teenage years crushing on Jenny McCarthy, I too would sit on a couch and watch the world's lamest fashion show if it featured her up close.  If only you boys could have seen her in her prime.

Jenny McCarthy is Back!

Now Charlie.  I don't get it.  Taking a woman to Vegas to get laid?  I could see it.  Sticking with her after she causes physical injury to you?  It was in the bedroom so I could still see it. 

But giving her the keys to your Mercedes and limitless credit card to a felon that just got out of jail for conning you out of money?  Getting a little crazy.  Even for Charlie.

This season has been the complete antithesis to last season's arc for Charlie.  He spent last season trying to become an honest man as he courted and nearly married Chelsea. 

This season Charlie has been falling down a downward spiral that's taking him further than he's even gone before with drinking and women.  And we're kind of loving it.  This is the Charlie we signed up for.

"Ow, Ow, Don't Stop" definitely had some funny moments between Charlie and Alan as usual and Jenny McCarthy did a solid job as Courtney. 

They definitely left the episode with Charlie and Courtney still dating, but you never know with this sitcom if we'll see her next episode.  And that would be kind of a shame.

We normally never mention them during our reviews, but Chuck Lorre's Vanity Card was especially fantastic this episode.  I gotta give the creator credit for having the moxie to reference the Charlie Sheen debacle while CBS has been mum with:

Write a country song entitled, "Hooker in the Closet." (Chorus: "There's a hooker in the closet, 'neath the monogrammed robes, don't know how she got there and I can't find my clothes. Officer Krupke, how are you tonight? I've misplaced my watch but I'm feeling alright.") Donate royalties to womens' shelter

Hilarious.  We'll leave you with some of our favorite Two and a Half Men one liners and quotes from the episode:

Charlie: It could have been worse but I won a bundle at the roulette table betting the color of her underwear.
Alan: Red or black?
Charlie: Double zero.
Alan: What color is that?
Charlie: Ass cheeks. | permalink
Alan: What's wrong with him?
Berta: Classic case of va-jay-jay fever.
Alan: Colorfully put. I'm just surprised to see Charlie fall for it.
Berta: Sooner or later all men fall for it. How do you think I got my condo in Palm Springs?
Alan: You have a condo in Palm Springs?
Berta: No, figure of speech. Don't try to stop by. | permalink
Alan: You're a very lucky guy, Charlie.
Charlie: I ran through a plate glass window and you puked in my piano. How is that lucky?
Alan: You could have bleed to death. I could vomited on my shoes.
Charlie: Those are my shoes.
Alan: Which is why you're lucky. | permalink


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