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During a Thanksgiving dinner, Courtney (Jenny McCarthy) returns after spending three years in prison for conning Charlie out of money.  Charlie ditches his family and heads to Vegas with her.  He ends up spending the rest of the episode, his money and physical health on the girl.  She seems to drain him of everything, but even after he ends up in the hospital he still seems to want to be with Courtney.  Alan spends the episode trying to warn Charlie that she's a gold digger.  He doesn't seem to care.

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I cannot wait to see how this play out.

Two and a Half Men Season 8 Episode 10 Quotes

Alan: What's wrong with him?
Berta: Classic case of va-jay-jay fever.
Alan: Colorfully put. I'm just surprised to see Charlie fall for it.
Berta: Sooner or later all men fall for it. How do you think I got my condo in Palm Springs?
Alan: You have a condo in Palm Springs?
Berta: No, figure of speech. Don't try to stop by.

Charlie: It could have been worse but I won a bundle at the roulette table betting the color of her underwear.
Alan: Red or black?
Charlie: Double zero.
Alan: What color is that?
Charlie: Ass cheeks.