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Two and a Half Men Review: "The Crazy Bitch Gazette"

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You would think all the controversy surrounding Charlie Sheen in the celebrity gossip world would some how affect me watching Two and a Half Men.  But then you realize you're watching a show about a womanizing alcoholic who hires prostitutes on the show nearly weekly.

So really?  What respectable Two and a Half Men fan could complain about Sheen's crazy night out with an escort while sleeping next door to his kids.  That's our Charlie.  We're done rambling about real world Charlie, and ready to head back to the fictional one.

Rose Returns

On this week's episode, "The Crazy Bitch Gazette," we finally got the much anticipated return of Rose (Melanie Lynskey) in a big way.  Rose not only served as the catalyst to break up Michelle and Charlie, but she even used an elaborate, hilarious fake wedding to possibly win over her stalkee's heart.

So did the episode live up to the hype in our heads?

Absolutely.  As we fought and complained last year, Charlie in a relationship for more than an episode or two is no good.  Who better to return him to single state than his lovely stalker?

The episode, prior to introducing Rose, started off strong by revealing all of Charlie's heavy baggage through a ridiculous dinner scene with Evelyn and Alan, followed by a couple hilarious scenes back at the house with Jake and Berta respectively.

We always say this show shines when they get most of the cast together, and this week was no exception with great moments by Jake (the evil genius), Berta (who Charlie loves), Evelyn (less love), and Rose (who Charlie is in love with!).

We really hope Rose and Charlie's great reveal for her continue to play out throughout this season.  It's been nice to see Charlie-centric episodes after Alan dominated the first half of this season.

Now for our favorite Two and a Half Men lines from the episode:

Michelle: You eat a lot of fish. Aren't you worried about mercury?
Charlie: Michelle, on the list of things I expect to kill me, mercury poisoning ranks well below liver failure, struck by lightning and heart attack during sex. Guess which one I'm rooting for? | permalink
Evelyn: You're a dermatologist. How do I get rid of 170 lb skin tag?
Alan: Excuse me, 164.
Charlie: Really? That's the part of you object to?
Alan: Would you like to be called a 200 lb drunk?
Charlie: 180.
Alan: See?
Charlie: Yeah, well better a lush than a leach. | permalink
Rose: I am getting married next Sunday and I just wanted to let you know before you hear it somewhere else.
Charlie: Where else would I hear it? The society page of the Crazy Bitch Gazette? | permalink
Evelyn: A doctor? You have access to Charlie's medical records and you still wanted to date him? | permalink


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Makes me glad that I don't pay very much attention to celeb gossip, so I don't keep track of Charlie Sheen's antics. Amusing though, knowing what he is known for in real life compared to what he portrays (very well) on a TV show... but he's paid how many million/episode?


I'm finding it difficult to separate Charlie Sheen from his character on the show, but the Barnacle makes a good point about them not being that different. I loved that Rose was back, I've been missing her for awhile!


@Todd - I actually went back to re-watch the scene after the Chuck Lorre title card to see if he was in the scene and, alas, I think they're all mannequins.


I looked at the scene again and concluded that most of the mannequins are real actors.


In the "wedding" scene, the woman directly behind the lady in blue, who "catches" the bouquet, appears to be real. Can anyone confirm this or give an opinion?