Two and a Half Men Review: "People Who Love Peepholes"

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So it's week two of Ashton Kutcher taking over for Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men - or Alan and Friends, as I like to affectionately call it. As of tonight, that is.

While Kutcher has grown on me slightly since last week (which isn't saying much) the show still just feels a little off.

Cleaning Up Walden

There were plenty of scenes in Men's previous eight seasons that did not feature Charlie, so I'm not even just blaming his absence. "People Who Love Peepholes" just didn't feel like Two and a Half Men. For example, take Berta.

I'm a huge Berta fan, but for some reason, they decided to give her a voiceover this week. When you're already going through such a huge change like swapping out your main star, do you really have to change up the format on us?

Tonight, we also met Walden's much talked about ex-girlfriend, Bridget, played by Judy Greer. I'm not convinced you're going to find a bigger Greer fan (just check my Facebook profile picture!), but I have to say... this casting just felt off.

Maybe I'm just getting cynical, but the ages feel out of whack on this show. Alan (Jon Cryer: 46) is now suddenly BFFs with Walden (Ashton Kutcher: 33), who used to date Bridget (Judy Greer: 36).

Yes, I realize Greer isn't much older than Kutcher, who's clearly no stranger to older women, but Hollywood always casts younger women and they've made me used to it. And Alan feels way too old to be hanging out with Peter Pan (though his house made me think much more MJ).

Before I offend too many people, I'm going to bring this review to a close. I'm glad the episode ended with Alan moving back into the Malibu beach house. We got that hurdle out of the way.

Now we just need to find a way to make Walen less idiotic and more likable. Then, we need to find a better form of comedic chemistry between Cryer and Kutcher.

There will never be perfect dynamic between the Harper brothers.  But we need to do a little better than tonight if this show is going to last more than the season.


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Like some one just said, Alan and Charlie were brothers, meaning they did have many memories to get some fun from, ! What? next week! Satan (Harper brothers mother)will want to sleep with Ashton too? sick just sick, now Alan is offering to take care (xxx) of walton if he gets some $$, is just wrong. The family feud, is not longer in this show, Sad , sad , I have some brother and I was able to relate some times even when is about women,. Sad , really sad,


This show cnt possibly keep goin on!!! Ive bin a huge fan from day 1 and i think that no Charlie Sheen the LEGEND then defo no two and a half men itz absolutely terrible and 99.9% ov ppl wud agree


Why would you want to reserect the dumb guy from "that 70's show" and put him on what WAS the best comedy sitcom for mature audiences? Ashton is a good actor. Pretty sure he can play something other than stupid and pretty sure the sitcom will die an early death if you continue down this road. No one will ever be Charlie Sheen in a new role on that show, but at least make the character smart, with a good wit.


They need to rename the show "One and Two Half Men"! Ashton Kutcher plays the same role as the idiot teenager that he played on That 70s Show. It's horrible!


The show is terrible grow up waldon this is not funny baby talk from an adult gets old quick no substance


Kutcher is one of the best actors alive. this is totally a writers issue; They must have killed off all the male writers because they have girlified one of the best shows of all time. The attraction of the show is no mystery, what is a mystery is why go this totally different direction? Kutcher could have easily replaced Charlie as a lady's man. In fact, with good writers, you could have had guest "Charlies" each week such as Kutcher, Mel Gibson, Justin Timberlake, Russell Crow, etc. You would dominate the time slot with every person on earth tuning in to see what comedic genius you could come up with using this different stars!


I was hoping that this show would continue, but as has been said here over and over, it just isn't interesting or funny anymore. I think Sheen made it. Elsewise I think Hugh Grant would have been worth the money and creative differences, would have been better than this with Hugh Grant doing some upper class womanising for sure.


Just 1 word: B O R I N G


Ashton Kutcher is terrible, he looks like a bum they dragged off the street and he can't act. He's just not funny. I tried to watch the new show without Charlie Sheen, but it was even worse than I'd thought it would be. It's 100% boring: the producers must either crawl on thier knees to get Sheen back, or pack it in!


What are the producers and writers thinking. The show is not working with the little boy Walden. I watched the three shows so far an I am Done.

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