Two and a Half Men Review: "Giant Cat Holding Churro"

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This week may not have featured Jake or any special guest stars (like last week's Jenny McCarthy), but there was still plenty of love for old Two and a Half Men fans.

For starters, we finally got to see Lyndsey's much talked about soft core porn, Cinnamon's Buns, and its partially simulated sex, in a nice throwback to last season. Plus, a Melrose Place joke?!? You know they've been saving that cute line.

Pot Brownie

Then, we got plenty of fun references to Alan's past that previously seemed forgotten. It's good to know the writers remember Alan's possible daughter and generally shadiness. Let's just see it come back as a plot point next.

As far as Charlie's replacement? Ashton Kutcher was much more in his That 70's Show element as a stoned Walden. But, as the wise Homer Simpsons once said, reefer and drunk are two very different elements. Stoner comedy definitely felt a little out of place on Men.

Sure, being high finally excused Walden's out-of-place idiocy, and I'll give them the "Giant Cat Holding Churro," but could a batch of pot brownies really result in a room full Malibu College volley players?  If so, I to need try Berta's recipe some time.

Your thoughts on the episode? Ashton growing you yet?


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Maybe the 18 - 49 yr. olds like Two and a half men with Aston, but you have the 70's show all over again. Sorry, Lorre, maybe it will be a slow fall, but you goofed. Aston is the wrong replacement for Charlie. You should have heeded what Charlie's father said. After all the years Charlie worked for you, you could have been the better man, and understood his problem, and worked with him, not abandon him. The show is a real mess. Naked actors, gay acting, etc. Even if you had only the cast without Aston, the show would fair better.


OMG I can't believe Charlie did this!! Check out this video :


Mr Lorre, swallow your pride. Bring back Charlie Sheen. This was such a great show. Ashton Kutcher is horrible. Not funny at all. The show is suffering a slow and painful death. Have the writers make this season what it is, a terrible nightmare.


Show is missing the main ingredient for success, "Charlie Sheen". No matter what the producers have had with issues regarding him they need to realize that the show is spiraling downward without him. Either bring him back and swallow their pride or the show is going to continue to fail. I tried to watch 2 episodes and it was painful. The other actors fed off of him and that is over now. What a shame!


No more Rose, very little of Jake, Evelyn and Judith. What is the point in me watching? It takes a full CAST to make a show and no, Ashton's genitals do not count as a cast member.


There is an old rule in show business..... if they can't act have them take off their clothes. Normally aplies to women, but its now being used to prop up the dreadful lack of talent in Ashton.
Charlie, for all his faults, was the show.


I think it would be so funny if Judith kicked Herb out and he moved in with Allen,Jake,and Berta.Of course Allen would mooch off of Herb and let him make child support payments for his little girl from his 1 night stand with exwife. That Aston or Waldon guy is really ugly and out of place on the show. Sad the show is going to end with disgust. I cant believe the writers let that waldon guy walk naked in front of Jake (still a CHILD) and Judith. then went to door naked, could have been a girl scout selling cookies.That was it for me,WEIRD REALLY WEIRD and VERY VERY SAD. I always thought Chuck Lorre was a genius.Not anymore. I wonder if he is letting pride get in the way of what he knows is the right thing to do? Forgive Charlie and bring him back on the show.Charlie was talking with drugs and booze in him, the sobber Charlie loved and respected Chuck Lorre. Charlie needs to say goodbye to his fans. Dont end this show like it is now. NASTY AND STUPID. fan from the old show Raquel West 11/03/11


The old show was funny because Charlie was doing a self-effacing parody of his-personal-life-as-depicted-in-the-ME-dia. You could laugh because you weren't laughing AT him, you were laughing WITH him. What we have here is "Kelso Gets Rich." ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz! This show has "jumped the shark" and I'm just waiting to read about them bringing in the cast from "That 70's Show"... because I'm certainly not going to watch it anymore! Ashton is more one-dimensional than a black-and-white photo and should stick to his camera commercials.


Don't watch this show, kill it off. Cast should have showed some solidarity towards Charlie. I refuse to watch and have suggested to many friends to do the same.


If Chuck cared about the fans of this show HE WOULD WORK OUT HE AND CHARLIE"S DIFFERENCES!!Clearly his ego is more important then the people who put the money in his pocket!!The Fans!!!

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Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 5 Quotes

Alcohol is just a bandage for the problem. I know this because I used to live with the mummy.


Lyndsey: I'm so full it'd be like sticking a pin in a balloon.
Alan: Can we please not call it a pin?