Two and a Half Men Review: "Giant Cat Holding Churro"

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This week may not have featured Jake or any special guest stars (like last week's Jenny McCarthy), but there was still plenty of love for old Two and a Half Men fans.

For starters, we finally got to see Lyndsey's much talked about soft core porn, Cinnamon's Buns, and its partially simulated sex, in a nice throwback to last season. Plus, a Melrose Place joke?!? You know they've been saving that cute line.

Pot Brownie

Then, we got plenty of fun references to Alan's past that previously seemed forgotten. It's good to know the writers remember Alan's possible daughter and generally shadiness. Let's just see it come back as a plot point next.

As far as Charlie's replacement? Ashton Kutcher was much more in his That 70's Show element as a stoned Walden. But, as the wise Homer Simpsons once said, reefer and drunk are two very different elements. Stoner comedy definitely felt a little out of place on Men.

Sure, being high finally excused Walden's out-of-place idiocy, and I'll give them the "Giant Cat Holding Churro," but could a batch of pot brownies really result in a room full Malibu College volley players?  If so, I to need try Berta's recipe some time.

Your thoughts on the episode? Ashton growing you yet?


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This season still fills like ¨The Alan Harper SHOW & friends¨ I mean Walden doesn't have an actual important story-line and we are in episode 5 he has a company and people that work for him there you have material and more characters the 1-8 THM was all about family and well Walden just has his wife that doesn't even want him.


Just saw Ashton K. on inside addition thanking everyone for the success of two and a half men?/? Someone please direct me to any reviews indicating this new show is a “success�. It is NOT!


Ok here is how my wife and I have thought of a way to fix this plot .Let Evelyn be at the house with Allen and waldon when a knock at the door and waldon answers " Mom" then Evelyn sees this lady and they both look at each other . Then Evelyn states with a wise crack I have not seen you since I got that call from the school about you with my son in the teachers lounge . And Waldon Mom dates thanks for not pressing charges . Then Evelyn could say well dear you weren't his first .and then say Now just how many years has that been ? Then both women look at Waldon ...end that show then the next week start out with waldon's Mom Waldon's new found Grandmother on the couch explaining to Waldon who his real father was and ..that would tie everything together as a family then Waldon could say he had a Uncle mouch the story line could be saved . Now Mr. Chuck Loree send us a check for turning the story around .the way your half witted writers should have written it to begain with .


For those few who still think the new show is funny, have you forgotten that it's supposed to be a "comedy"? I know GOD create us all different, but you seriously have to be unbelievably shallow to like this season which serves absolutely no purpose for the viewers at all.


It's a fact, that the show started becoming boring even with Charlie. Now it has became a disaster. Charlie and Alan at least were related, they had their thing in common and things different. Alan was a loser, Charlie a winner, though none of them was a moral winner. Charlie was successful and knew what he wanted, which was women and booze. Alan was a wreck. They had a natural reason to poke each other. Now we have two losers, who are trying to lick each others wounds or what. What a great basis for a sitcom...


The show was called 2 and a half men, for a reason, the concept was all about two men and one boy. Jake isnt a boy anymore and Ashton isnt a man. The show should be called 2 dimwits and a desperado! the show is now crap, it was getting tiring during the last season, but now it is crap. I will sit down and watch a rerun any day, but the new ones are just not on for me! Chuck Please Please quit now. Dont bother bringing Charlie back because, though he is a genius and could have lasted a few more seasons, the show is now dead and should be given its honorable last rights.


So much hype about Ashton but the reality is - It is so painful watching him on this show! It is an insult to the viewers to replace Charlie Sheen with this pathetic guy - he'll probably do good in porno show where he does not have to talk and 'try' to be funny. Half-way through the first episode, I just have to switch channel. All Charlie Sheen has to do is twitch and I burst into laughter. With AK, it is as if I am eternally waiting for a punch line in his pathetic dialogue. What a let down! I MISS CHARLIE SHEEN!!!


Agree w/everything BabyRotty said. Been waiting for this show to do something this season and so far nothing but rehashed plot lines and jokes. Last year it was starting to get old even with Sheen. Now, it's downright dismal. Lorre needs to put this one to bed or get a plotline that we can believe. TBH, no grief for Alan or Jake or Evelyn? Kinda hard to believe even though we know what happened in real life. Need to find something we can believe in w/Kutcher because right now there's zilch.

Crystal s eaton

the animosity between alan and charlie are what made this show. The bickering, and put downs and all of that made for some great one liners. There just is not any of that with ashton. I am not saying he is not doing good, but where are those great one liners????? Where is alan's mom? What they need is a way to make it so alan HAS to be there, then they can bring back the formula that has worked for years.


So much talent to utilize ... but, the writers have fallen short. I do NOT miss Charlie Sheen and all his personal drama, and looked forward to the replacement of Ashton Kutcher. The writers have made his character an idiot (guess that is the point), but the story line sadly lacks luster. They better pick it up several notches or I only seem doom and gloom ahead ... with Ashton Kutcher sadly the scapegoat.

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Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 5 Quotes

Alcohol is just a bandage for the problem. I know this because I used to live with the mummy.


Lyndsey: I'm so full it'd be like sticking a pin in a balloon.
Alan: Can we please not call it a pin?