Two and a Half Men Review: "Giant Cat Holding Churro"

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This week may not have featured Jake or any special guest stars (like last week's Jenny McCarthy), but there was still plenty of love for old Two and a Half Men fans.

For starters, we finally got to see Lyndsey's much talked about soft core porn, Cinnamon's Buns, and its partially simulated sex, in a nice throwback to last season. Plus, a Melrose Place joke?!? You know they've been saving that cute line.

Pot Brownie

Then, we got plenty of fun references to Alan's past that previously seemed forgotten. It's good to know the writers remember Alan's possible daughter and generally shadiness. Let's just see it come back as a plot point next.

As far as Charlie's replacement? Ashton Kutcher was much more in his That 70's Show element as a stoned Walden. But, as the wise Homer Simpsons once said, reefer and drunk are two very different elements. Stoner comedy definitely felt a little out of place on Men.

Sure, being high finally excused Walden's out-of-place idiocy, and I'll give them the "Giant Cat Holding Churro," but could a batch of pot brownies really result in a room full Malibu College volley players?  If so, I to need try Berta's recipe some time.

Your thoughts on the episode? Ashton growing you yet?


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not wasnt funny with charlie compared to seinfeld, curb your enthusiasm., odd couple, archie bunker etc but at least charlie can act and can deliver a line..mennnnnnn...end this show..aaaamennnnnnn


Not fun, total bore, very awkward dialog. I had heard Hugh Grant was being considered as a replacement...he could have been a British cousin or something, would have been a much better fit.


Chuck lorre needs to bury the hatchet with Charlie sheen and bring him back or or just cancel this horrible show forget kutcher alan is really out of place and annoying i this show insults the intelligence


Haven't watched regular broadcast networks for more than 10 years but now that DirecTV includes my local channels, I'm dabbling in their sitcoms to see if they've made any progress since I went 100% satellite in 1998. Nope. The humor is facile. As if we can't surmise the tone of the scene without help. Ashton Kutcher recites his lines the same way he delivered lines on Punk'd. He cannot act. His timing is inconsistent. I'd rather watch the Closer and Curb Your Enthusiasm. I feel brain cells dying when I watch such insipid attempts at comedy, obviously written for a 5th grade mentality.


I tried to give Ashton the benefit of the doubt. But, this role isn't meant for him. They have strayed from the formula that works. Chuck Lorre should have known better. if you're gonna replace Charlie, get someone who's funny. Other wise cancel the show. Stop disappointing us "Two & a half men" fans. Or you could bring charlie back. Why fire the talent & hire the wanna be funny. You make the reruns so worth the wait. Thank god for reruns.


@Michael Yes I would.
Chuck Lorre has shown he can put on quality programming with The Big Bang Theory, Mike and Molly and early Two and a Half Men.....but this season is just lazy. AK's character is too much of a mixed up character....he's smart enough to make a billon dollars yet has the mentality of a child, Alan is just becoming more and more desperate and we haven;t even seen Jake not to mention the it's just not that funny anymore


for those that are attacking Chuck Lorre if he was not a jew would you still be hating him


I too am disappointed with season. There was alwasy sexual innuendo, now it is just blatantly about sex and bodily functions. Not cleaver at all I was hoping Alan could step up and be more of a man, and in the first episode it seemed promising. Now he seems to be curling up into a little ball of mush. Hope the writers can pull this off. If Iwant to hear a lot of fart, toilet and sex jokes, I'll take my earplugs out and listen to the kids.


The show is horrible, not funny at all.


I think the writers are really turning Alan into a real embarrassment of a person instead of keeping the status quo.

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Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 5 Quotes

Alcohol is just a bandage for the problem. I know this because I used to live with the mummy.


Lyndsey: I'm so full it'd be like sticking a pin in a balloon.
Alan: Can we please not call it a pin?