Two and a Half Men Review: Looney Bin or Stress Clinic?

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So I definitely had a sneaking suspicion throughout Two and a Half Men that it was all a looney bin dream for Alan, but man was it fun watching the guy's life slowly collapse.

I'm not sure exactly where my realization first hit me. At first I thought Jake and "Frodo's Headshots" were just a fun prank to pull on his father. But certainly not enough to convince me he was dreaming.

Snap Into It!

No, it wasn't the appearance of Gary Busey as his roommate in a psych ward. That's perfectly believable. And kudos to Busey for continuing to poke fun at himself while playing versions of himself. Entourage anyone?

So, for me, I think my epiphany took place about halfway through the episode. It wasn't Lyndsey sleeping with Walden. I mean, who could blame him after watching Cinnamon's Buns and they've built Walden up to be god's gift to women.

Really, it was Walden kicking Alan out. After witnessing Charlie try his hardest for eight seasons, it was pretty obvious Walden couldn't accomplish the impossible in half of one.

Even after I knew, the ride was still fun. Much like Berta, pretty much everything was funny from my perspective. My favorite bit, if you couldn't tell from my review title, were the many jokes on whether it was a looney bin or stress clinic.

Pretty much everything came down to Cryer's performance this week, which was possibly even more fun to watch than when he took on evil Alan at the end of last season.

Take all that and add in a reference to Judith and Alan's possible daughter? Even if it was all a dream, it was easily my favorite episode of the season.

So what did you think? Will even the Charlie fans be willing to recognize a good installment this season?


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I just saw the episode in my country and I have to say this was particularly awful to see. I didn't watch the past two so maybe that's why I didn't realize as soon as I wanted that it was all a dream. Whilst I was believing everything that happened, the only thing that came to mind was the cruelness in which everything was handled. Alan practically hit rock bottom and I cannot understand how anyone would find any of the scenes funny unless they had the profiles of a sociopath, alas, devoid of any empathy for humanity. That was a perfect moment for Alan to grow up and have some development, but I past expecting that from the show. Wonder why people are sill asking why wouldn't they have made Walden just a womanizer like Charlie instead of the childish person he is. Isn't it obvious that with Angus all grown up someone had to be the kid now? Ashton is very much an adult so they had to make him immature.


I want Charlie Sheen back into the show!!!


I used to love the show two and a half men with Charlie Sheen. I tried keeping an open mind when ashton kutcher came on board. But sorry the show is terrible now. They cannot keep it going as the same show. It is really, really bad now. Bad acting on kutchers part and the chemistry just isn't there anymore. I tried to like it, no thanks!


I loved two and a half men in the beginning, but season 8 was painful to watch.
It was really bad and Charlie Sheen didn't play well either.
This season I wasn't sure if I should watch, but I wanted to give it a chance.
This episode convinced me that it was a good thing. I loved the episode and all the "blind" Charlie Sheen fans. I am sorry for you guys. Open your eyes. Charlie Sheen isn't a hero, just an actor who started great in the beginning but wasn't playing well in the end. Now I start to love the show again. Kudos!!
Keep going!!


Even Alan is out of sync. He and Berta both don't measure up to their performance during previous seasons. Forget Jake. I wish Rose and Evyln would be given stronger parts. The real irony is that Kutcher, who is known in Hollywood to be of very small endowment, is playing a character who, according to Alan, is hung like an elephant! Kutcher really needs to go.


My favorite characters now are Allen, Berta and Rose! The funniest episode ever made was the one of Heather Locklear playing Allens divorce Attorney and whispering into Charlie's ear at the mediation with Allen, Judith and her Attorney. She whispered in a "May West" accent to Charlie "You are making me so Hot". Charlie's reaction was halarious!


so many people dont like this show but the ratings are excellent..i love sheen but still never watched this show..the only good comedy today is curb your enthusiasm..if u want a good laugh watch old comedies like odd couple,get smart,car 54, taxi,all in the family, seinfeld, happy days..these new shows are garbage


I think this is humiliating for Alan. He always has men with their arms around him or kissing him or his head on their chests. When are the writers going to find something for Walden to do instead of making such a pathetic spectacle of Alan to keep things moving?


Thank god for monday night football, I am no longer torn between watching it or the "2 & 1/2men "show--no contest


Forgot to mention that the episode with the 'booty call' scene was one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. As was the one when Alan syphons petrol out of Charlies car because Charlie borrowed 38 dollars off him... just hilarious.

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Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 8 Quotes

I'm soaking wet and i had to give a truck driver half a handy to get here.


Alan: Oh thank god I'm still in a looney bin.
Gary Busey: It's a stress clinic.