Two and a Half Men Review: Looney Bin or Stress Clinic?

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So I definitely had a sneaking suspicion throughout Two and a Half Men that it was all a looney bin dream for Alan, but man was it fun watching the guy's life slowly collapse.

I'm not sure exactly where my realization first hit me. At first I thought Jake and "Frodo's Headshots" were just a fun prank to pull on his father. But certainly not enough to convince me he was dreaming.

Snap Into It!

No, it wasn't the appearance of Gary Busey as his roommate in a psych ward. That's perfectly believable. And kudos to Busey for continuing to poke fun at himself while playing versions of himself. Entourage anyone?

So, for me, I think my epiphany took place about halfway through the episode. It wasn't Lyndsey sleeping with Walden. I mean, who could blame him after watching Cinnamon's Buns and they've built Walden up to be god's gift to women.

Really, it was Walden kicking Alan out. After witnessing Charlie try his hardest for eight seasons, it was pretty obvious Walden couldn't accomplish the impossible in half of one.

Even after I knew, the ride was still fun. Much like Berta, pretty much everything was funny from my perspective. My favorite bit, if you couldn't tell from my review title, were the many jokes on whether it was a looney bin or stress clinic.

Pretty much everything came down to Cryer's performance this week, which was possibly even more fun to watch than when he took on evil Alan at the end of last season.

Take all that and add in a reference to Judith and Alan's possible daughter? Even if it was all a dream, it was easily my favorite episode of the season.

So what did you think? Will even the Charlie fans be willing to recognize a good installment this season?


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I am so sick of the "Sheen" fans and their ever loving writing of criticism. Don't watch the show. Charlie ain't coming back! Get over it! This is what it's going to be from now on and if you don't like, don't watch and please, please, please, don't write anything on here about wanting Sheen back. It ain't happening! This was a better episode and they seem to be finding their way a little bit. I hope they continue to find their rythymn as time goes on.


Second solid episode in a row. It's getting tough to stay a hater but if they can continue to strike the right balance between Cryer et al and Kutcher, then there may some life left in the show. Time will tell


I liked this episode, the first one this year. I think it's because the show was about Alan, Jake, Judith, not just about how everyone "loves" Walden. Be quite Walden, don't talk.


I have to say, last night's episode was great. Jon Cryer was fantastic. I couldn't stop laughing. I was also glad to see some of the regulars in the show. When is Rose going to appear again? I was happy to see Judith and Herb were in it, too. Berta was also great. Walden is a waste of space. He needs to be replaced.


I feel very bad that this show is so terrible. I really enjoyed the show before and now I keep watching it, hoping it gets better. If the truth be known this same reason is why many people are watching. Charlie Sheen screwed up and he admitted it. Now it is time for the producers to say the same thing. Charlie needs to come back on the show.


OMG I can't believe Charlie did this!! Check out this video :


There was nothing to watch, so i watch again to see if the show was any better. I hate the new decorating. Alan outdid himself & the show was a bit better, but ashton comes off as a big barefoot , stupid giant. He is really a turn off . his hair looks greasy& there is nothing apealing about him. I cant see this show lasting, they need to make kutcher a little smarter or clean up his looks. everyone else is good, but him


I wanted to like this season, but it's just not that funny. I don't see why they couldn't have Jake somehow fall into millions, which would drive Alan mad, and have a kid. Alan was always the straight man aginst Charlie's comedian. Now we have the writers trying to change Alan from a dork to full blown loser. I had one chuckle this time, something's wrong with the new formula. I think what makes it hard to like, is that comedy should somehow be believable no matter how out there, but the idea of a stranger letting Alan live with him just doesn't work.


the show creators appear to be desperate enough to try anything they can at this point, even humiliating Alan beyond belief and common decency. Yet another sickening manifestation of Chuck Lorre's "writer's revenge" failure.


Loved this episode. Laughed all the way :) Ashton Kutcher is the best thing to have happened to TAAHM...PS the renovated beach house is awesome!

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Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 8 Quotes

I'm soaking wet and i had to give a truck driver half a handy to get here.


Alan: Oh thank god I'm still in a looney bin.
Gary Busey: It's a stress clinic.