Two and a Half Men Review: The Great Oswalt

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We were all in agreement after last week's Two and a Half Men episode: the sitcom really needed to step up its game.

So, did the "The War Against Gingivitis" accomplish that task?

Patton Oswalt on Two and a Half Men

Guest star Patton Oswalt was at least a step in the right, humorous direction. I've been a fan of him since King of Queens and he was great on United States of Tara. The comedian certainly made this episode a whole lot better and bearable.

Still... this was merely mediocre. Oswalt playing Walden’s ex-partner, Billy Stanhope, was a perfect set-up, true. He and the rest of the cast seem to gel. His YouTube video was very funny and he delivered some great lines. We were also treated to a little bit of character development, as we received a little history of what went down between Billy and Walden and why they split up.

We saw Alan needing a friend and Walden regaining one. Alan is a mess, and him going to meet Berta just goes to show how lonely he is. She, however, betrayed his trust and almost got him killed. Billy also betrayed Walden by sleeping with his ex-wife. That's a violation Guy Code 101... and 102... and 103...

As usual, Jake was impeccable with his comedic timing. So was Berta. We also got to see Bridget. There were some funny moments in tonight’s installment, but nothing really left me laughing or excited like in the old days. What did everyone else think?


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Just a comment about Alan's character. He was always funny - especially the earlier seasons. I haven't watched many of the new episodes, but what I have seen is that Alan's character (when it comes to money) is even more nauseating. He can be funny - but unfortunately I think the wrong Harper died. Charlie was always so generous. Just one time I wanted Charlie to tell him - you have to "pay" for this - or your rent is due. Anyway - the new show is just - well stupid.


Nothing 2 1/2 men is anything without Charlie


It's tough because they had a lot of maitreal to lay down in a 1/2 hour, but so far the premise is not flying with me. I'll give it a few weeks like Nicole. Honestly the Charlie character was played out. Alan is the funny one who carries the show seeing how many times fate screws him is hysterical. I do like Ashton as an actor but I hope they don't plan to make him a Charlie copy (womanizer, drinking, drugs) I'd rather see something new.


Bring Back Charlie Sheeeeeeennnn!!!!!!!!! Two and a Half men is nothing without Charlie,cut off Ashton!
Viewers sum up to the millions if Charlie sheen is back on two and a half men! Bring him back!
The show isn't funny anymore without him! I miss how the show used to be funny and Awesome,now it's just boring!


Two and A half men isn't what it used to be Anymore! It doesn't feel right watching the series without the best actor to fit the main character in Two and a half men! I miss the laughs!now I can say without Charlie sheen in the Show,it sucks! It isn't funny,it isn't interesting! Charlie was the best! Ashton kutcher sucks! Look at the ratings when Charlie sheen was in the show! Look,and compare it to the viewers now! This show isn't gonna work without him,I'm sure you guys know that!
Two and a half men is the best before,I used to watch it everyday.Even though I kept watching the same episodes,because it was funny! And awesome,but now! It's nothing anymore! It's not a funny or great show,Ashton kutcher doesn't fit in the series!Get him off! CHARLIE CHARLIE CHARLIE CHARLIE CHARLIE!!!!!!!


Today is the first full show I forced myself to watch since they killed off Charlie.
No comparison. It's not the same and I wont watch another. However I'll continue to watch all the back to back reruns.
Hope the new show fades and I'll always be a fan of Charlie!
But How funny ......... the character Charlie on the show was a mirror image of the real Charlie sheen which made the show so successful and they have the never to kill him off. Charlie made the show and without him it definitely will fail.
everyone boycott and stop watching.


The show sucks without Charlie. The idea is to bring him back. Maybe Charlie is in the witness protection program. The story line would be he boinked a mobster's wife. While both were hiding under the bed they witnessed the husband (Gandolfini) murder a girlfriend who was seen talking to the cops. The FBI see Charlie escape. He has to hide because the wife might crack. She is a cougar supreme. Charlie is insignificant to her. I know it sounds a bit cliche when involving Charlie, but the show needs him back. Ashton can't quite fill this role. Lorre needs to get smart and listen to the consumers. Also, the original cast is perfect.


The show sucks now! I am so sorry they brought in Ashton and I get tired of the same ole Allen Harper melody, "I'm broke, I'm homeless and I am manipulating everyone around me." Come on, he doesn't have child support or alimony anymore, why the hell is he continuously broke? Ashton Kutcher is playing a rich Kelso from his stint on the 70's show, it is painful to watch and I'm done.


@Penny...i couldnt agree with u more....walden was sumwhat funny in the initial episodes but now, the show is just torturous...i still see all the episodes in the hope tht they might just regain their old standards...


Patton can save this show if proper lines are given, he is a funny guy and can easily blend in with the cast, enjoyed him in king of queens.

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Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 18 Quotes

Alan: Seriously, if you don't believe me, throw me a couple of mil, and get ready for a tongue bath
Walden: I doubt that will be necessary.
Alan: I am not just talking metaphorically; I will lick you from head to toe.

Alan: What are you doing?
Walden: Playing a racing game.
Alan: That's funny, after my divorce, I played World of War Craft for a while, hoping to meet girls.
Walden: Did you meet any?
Alan: Let just say, if you are lonely and drunk enough, everyone is a girl.