Two and a Half Men First Look: Kathy Bates as Charlie!

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We weren't kidding about that Kathy Bates thing.

On this Monday's new episode of Two and a Half Men (titled "Why We Gave Up Women"), Alan will suffer a mild heart attack and, as a result, be visited by a vision of late roommate Charlie Harper... who will be played by the Harry's Law star and former Oscar winner.

Inspired casting? Odd casting? Desperate-for-ratings casting? All of the above? Get your first look at Bates in this unusual role now:

Kathy Bates on Two and a Half Men

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I use to watch two and a half men but not anymore. They need to bring Charlie back on the show. Thats when it was the best.The show isn't funny anymore without Charlie.


I want the old Charlie back I know "HE DIED" but rose the stalker could h ave him tucked away inEngland and Charlie has amnesia .Who really dies on T.V. get rid of Walden and Zoey and Chloe whatever bring the original cast together lot more comedy and stop making Alan so pathetic


I'd like to think the writers will opt for a good spin on Charlie. It would be nice if they could bury the hatchet and give the two brothers a loving final goodbye. Maybe I'm hoping for too much?


Two and a Half Men is over.. put it to rest and move on. It is no longer funny. The show's previous mix of good actors and good writing made the show what it was. Now it is just slapstick silliness.. no longer funny or entertaining.. just pathetic!

Sue ann

Kathy Bates is fantastic in anything she does -- she had a fairly small role in a semi-true TV production about a Kansas minister and his wife, who murdered their spouses. Bates played a reporter. (First appearance of hers that I saw.) She was noticeable even then, and she has aged like a very fine wine indeed. I look forward to this with great anticipation. Charlie Sheen, on the other hand, is a mediocre actor playing a verminous human being. Don't miss him a bit.


If its the ghost if Charlie shouldn't Charlie get to play it? He knows himself better than anyone. This show blows. Gimme Charlie back.

Jose t

I want to SEE THIS!!!!

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Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 22 Quotes

Walden: How are you feeling?
Alan: Fantastic, I am on a morphine drip, everyone should have a morphine drip, and there will be no more drips.

Jake: Honest to God, someone put that pot in my locker.
Walden: Why would someone do that?
Jake: That my friend, is the million dollar question.