Two and a Half Men Review: Team Not Zoey

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Last week, the ghost of Charlie Harper came back to haunt Alan. This week, it was Zoey who caused the guy problems, as she decided to launch her own attack against Alan, making me totally agree with him: she has to go.

Alan & Walden At Home

"The Straw In My Donut Hole" dealt with the recuperating period after Alan’s faux heart attack. He was showered with love and gifts, which - as avid fans know so well - isn't exactly the norm for this character. As Berta said, with the quote of the night:

I try not to insult people who can come back and haunt me. | permalink

Everyone felt guilty about the way they had behaved toward Alan, so he decided to right those numerous wrongs.

Evelyn fulfilled his lifelong dream of being a cowboy, Judith relaxed on the child support, Lyndsey even "helped" him while he sat back and ate peach cobbler and Walden practically babysat his pal. But Zoey? She didn't believe Alan. I don’t see her sticking around for much longer, do you?

How odd is it that Judith and Herb have totally given up on Jake attending college? Is that kind of a spoiler for the finale, regarding Jake’s decision after completing high school? Who knows. But that will be an interesting decision come the last episode.

And we had a guest tonight, a Seinfeld Alum, Jason Alexander, who also delivered some great Two and a Half Men lines.

To end the half hour in typical Men fashion, Alan was caught in his lie and subsequently shamed, returning him back to his - dare I say - “Loser Status."

So, what do you think about Zoey? Should she go? Should she stay? Sound off in the comments below.


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I LOVE Two and a Half Men! I wish it was on forever. I love Aston and Jon! They are a great comedy team!! : )


I completely agree with most people, Two and a Half Men sucks when Charlie was in a relationship and it sucks when Walden is in a relationship. Zoey needs to go.


Eu ne3o dou mais nem metade de uma tamporeda para acabar.. essa se9rie na minha opinie3o este1 ridedcula, perdeu totalmente a grae7a. Gosto do Ashton, mas ne3o nessa se9rie. O Alan se tornou ainda mais idiota, gostava qdo ele era idiota c o Charlie, mas agora.... o Jake qse nem apareceu nos ultimos episodios... ficou fore7ado demais esses ataques do corae7e3o, tda hr a msm cena... qto mais assisto mais a Zoey parece ter raze3o, e a se9rie THM foi criada para uma historia de "tres homens" em uma casa.. mas agora a historia perdeu esse sentido;;; pra mim teria msm q terminar... Two and a Half Man sf3 foi bom msm com o Sheen


Bye bye Zoey

@ Andy

Zoey is awesome. The show would be boring without her plus she's hot!!!


Zoey is absolutely brutal she is terrible. Anytime the show starts to get funny she comes in to destroys it with her horrible personality. Make Walden more like Charlie and get rid of the relationships and ex's.

@ Larry

She is not brutal. She has the best personality. She is the most amazing person on the show!!


Here's some news. Kathy Bates (who played "Charlie" from hell) has had her current show cancelled "Harry's Law". I'm wondering if this is going to now be an opening for her to play Charlie again in some upcoming episodes? In order to save this show, the writers should be looking into this.


I laughed when I saw Jason Alexader and that was it Zoey's character pisses me off


God I hate Zoey, I hate everything about her, the show sucks, I just watch it in vain to see if it might get better. Wheres the laughter gone? Why does it still rate? THe only laughs are solely with Allan's character, the guy that plays Allan should be the top paid actor more than kutcher cos kutcher is boring! Oh well, hopefuly when they get rid of zoey it will improve.


The writers took it too far this time. It was good in the beginning with Alan's return to the house, the new bed and the new TV. But then when Walden had the escalator installed and Alan rode it in a cowboy hat it became silly. And he could've gotten caught with something less unrealistic than playing volleyball which a bunch of hot chicks.


Zoey must definitely go and never come back to the show, shes totally not funny and in times irritating.
Herb for that matter must come back in the new and probably last men season, and i love Alan but the show must find more directions then only a plot around Walden & Alan.

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Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 23 Quotes

I try not to insult people who can come back and haunt me.


Alan: Hello, Doctor.
Cardiologist: Well, I have got some good news .
Alan: Well, let me have it.
Cardiologist: I am banging my receptionist.