Two and a Half Men Review: Team Not Zoey

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Last week, the ghost of Charlie Harper came back to haunt Alan. This week, it was Zoey who caused the guy problems, as she decided to launch her own attack against Alan, making me totally agree with him: she has to go.

Alan & Walden At Home

"The Straw In My Donut Hole" dealt with the recuperating period after Alan’s faux heart attack. He was showered with love and gifts, which - as avid fans know so well - isn't exactly the norm for this character. As Berta said, with the quote of the night:

I try not to insult people who can come back and haunt me. | permalink

Everyone felt guilty about the way they had behaved toward Alan, so he decided to right those numerous wrongs.

Evelyn fulfilled his lifelong dream of being a cowboy, Judith relaxed on the child support, Lyndsey even "helped" him while he sat back and ate peach cobbler and Walden practically babysat his pal. But Zoey? She didn't believe Alan. I don’t see her sticking around for much longer, do you?

How odd is it that Judith and Herb have totally given up on Jake attending college? Is that kind of a spoiler for the finale, regarding Jake’s decision after completing high school? Who knows. But that will be an interesting decision come the last episode.

And we had a guest tonight, a Seinfeld Alum, Jason Alexander, who also delivered some great Two and a Half Men lines.

To end the half hour in typical Men fashion, Alan was caught in his lie and subsequently shamed, returning him back to his - dare I say - “Loser Status."

So, what do you think about Zoey? Should she go? Should she stay? Sound off in the comments below.


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I don't watch this show anymore, because it was just too painful. But read the reviews and comments, and see that nearly everyone thinks it has well and truly 'jumped the shark'. Problem is that the ratings are way high, and it's going to be renewed next season. So, I guess it appeals to the lowest commmon denominator amongst us, while really good, well written shows get cancelled. A sad commentary on our great country!!!


Zoey needs to go. I've got nothing against the actress but this relationship just isn't Two and a Half Men.
And thats not Ashtons fault. I liked the earlier episodes of the season when Walden didn't know what to do and wanted to get back out to find a girl.
Two and a Half Men has always been less funny when Charlie was happy in a relationship (turned funny when he got crazy) and with Walden it's the same. This relationship needs to go for the fun to return. But please: Also no return of Walden's Ex. Just let him be single, hunted by the girls and funny. The potenial is there both in the character and the actor. They just need to drop Zoey.


I think since Charlie s gone the show is not good, this season I ve just laugh one can'ts so it anymore and please give up for the memory s of old season..


Zoey, get rid of her. Jake has turned into a pothead, Berta is just there, Alan. Well poor Alan he has no reason to go on. Give him a future, please!


The show needs to be completely redone for next season, especially if it is going to be the last year. First, Alan needs to become a man and a good person, and not such a weasel. Dump Lindsay, and bring back the gal that was his secretary. She and Alan truly had a passion for each other. Third, give Jake, Berta, and Evelyn a larger role. They were hilarious in the Charlie days. Fourth, Waldon needs to dump Zoey. She adds nothing to the show. Fifth, Rose needs to return, perhaps as the new interest for Walden.


Alan has turned into a most unlikeable person and Waldon was just boring with his stories that went on way too long!!! NOT funny!!!


Alan couldn't sink any lower......he really does deserve to finally be kicked out of the house.... Cryer must be disappointed with the way his character has emerged. As far as Zoey goes...she's the only one that can clearly see through Alan but her personality is so grating, borders on very mean and seeks to be "the queen" as Alan states. Walden is too nice for her and their personalities together seem awkward. So she needs to get dumped. Where the writers are taking this new show is into a dark alley...sometimes funny, nauseating at times and a question mark for it's future. One of my favorite characters was Rose....and nowhere to be found. So much is missing from the old show that it's depressing to watch now.


So stupid. Hard to believe Kutcher is getting paid so much for this show.


I agree. The Alan character is single-handedly killing any charm this show might have had at the start of this pivotal season. I had hopes that the writers would balance the storylines among a variety of characters and see what shakes out ratings-wise but alas, lots and lots of a manipulative, pathetic Alan. Sociopathically pathetic is funny in small doses but I am overdosing on this loser. They've taken the character from being (decreasingly) funny to laugh at and sunk it to being awkward to watch. Move on already - save what you can of this show before it's too late (tick tock...).

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Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 23 Quotes

I try not to insult people who can come back and haunt me.


Alan: Hello, Doctor.
Cardiologist: Well, I have got some good news .
Alan: Well, let me have it.
Cardiologist: I am banging my receptionist.