Pretty Little Liars Review: The Big BetrAyal

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OMG! Or should I say O...M... A?!?

If you haven't seen the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars, stop reading and watch it right now! I guess it goes without saying, but SPOILERS AHEAD!

"The Lady Killer" was the kind of finale we deserved at the end of last season. It had just the right amount of mystery, suspense and revelations. The episode might have left us scratching our head and contemplating some new questions for the winter season, but it gave us some unprecedented access into the world of A.

A Kiss for Spencer

First off, let's deal with the big reveals! While many of us anticipated some of these events, it was still amazing to watch them unfold onscreen.

Emily was isolated from the start of the episode. From all the press surrounding Garrett's trial and her disagreement with the other liars, it seemed like all these forces united to make her vulnerable. But why on earth would she go to a cabin with Nate?!? Given his odd reaction to their kiss (and the fact that they kissed to begin with), it seems unusual that Emily would turn to him for some alone time in the woods.

Honestly, this was as bad a decision as Spencer's in the last finale. Isolating yourself from your friends and being alone with someone you barely trust (like Nate or Mona) when someone is out to get you is not smart. Naturally, in the spooky remote cabin in the woods, Emily figured out who Nate really is: Linden James, former True North boyfriend of Maya, as well as a creepy stalker and murderer. Were you surprised?

How scary was Nate when he popped out of nowhere? Emily said he scared her half to death. To which he replied: "Not really, but I will." *Chills* His plan to kill Paige as punishment for Emily stealing Maya away didn't come to fruition, but his untimely death did release Garrett from prison finally.

Garrett's release was particularly important because it seems like that was part of A(s)'s plan. Paige was suppose to be set up for Maya's murder, but she never made it to that cemetery. No doubt the girls would have totally believed Paige was guilty since they had already decided that she was A. The plan the As came up with would have worked if not for Nate. So it's up to Mona and ...TOBY!... to figure out how to get Maya's phone back from Paige because they still have a lot of work to do and a lot of evidence to cover up.

That's right, Toby is the other A! Shocked? Angry? Confused? Or some combination of the three?

Some of us might have seen it coming for weeks, but I didn't really want to believe it was possible until I saw this episode. Spencer's reunion with Toby was quite the romantic scene. There was so much attention paid to their love scenes, highlighting the importance of their first time (some may say it wasn't their first time, but it's the first time it's been onscreen) and the love between them, that I couldn't help but feel that she (and we) were being set up for a big betrAyal.

The whole thing was oddly reminiscent of Scream - a girl sleeps with her boyfriend only to find out he's the psycho who's been terrorizing her. This revelation also kind of explains why there hasn't been as much A damage directed towards Spencer.

This big revelation will definitely send most of us running back to the earlier episodes to really pay attention to Toby. The scenes between Mona and Toby were really important because we finally got some insight into A's plans. We know how they intended to set up Paige and why. We just don't understand the motives yet. And we know where A's next target is going to be, the Halloween train.

Oh, and equally shocking but also expected was poor Caleb getting shot. I'm still not sure exactly how it happened (we didn't really get any information about it), but once he brought that gun into the episode, it was evident that trouble was afoot. Coupled with the earlier scenes of a hysterical Hanna made it easy to guess that Caleb would be the victim. I applaud him for trying to protect himself and Hanna, but the gun was not a smart move and leaving it unattended was even more ridiculous.

In the midst of all this exciting drama, Ezra and Aria managed to suck out the suspense in the episode by returning to the Maggie situation. It's not that I don't care about Ezra's love child, but it's really frustrating to watch Aria react to the situation.

When Maggie showed up at Ezra's (an event which our very own Leigh Raines predicted in our Pretty Little Liars Round Table), Aria wasn't worried about the fallout for Ezra but for herself. She doesn't want to get in trouble for having lied in the first place and seeking out Maggie. Maggie is in a very difficult position, but she's not lying for selfish reasons like Aria; she's trying to do what's best for her child. The whole thing made we want to yell, "Grow up, Aria!"

The finale was satisfying, but it did leave us with some big questions:

  • Why did A warn Emily in that cabin?
  • Why do the As care if Garrett is released? Is this for Jenna's benefit? Is Garrett guilty of some other crime?
  • Why would Toby work for the A team? 
  • How was Mona able to escape so easily? Where did she get that access card?
  • What's in Maya's bag that's so important?
  • How did Caleb get shot? Did Nate briefly return to life for one last scare or do we dare suspect that Emily might have had something to do with it?

And it looks like we have some great thrills to look forward to with this year's Halloween special. Can't wait for October!


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Maybe I'm lost or something but what about Lucas putting those pills in Emilys drink at the beginning of the season, what was that all about, is he on the A team as well since they showed someone buying a lot of black hoodies in one of the episodes. I think Wren had something to do with Mona getting a access card. Can't get over the Toby thing though. I'm freaking confused. Gonna read the books now till the new season starts up.


First of all OMG!!! Last nights episode was epic. Tobey being A didn't see it coming. I like the twist even though I like Spencer and Tobey together. But then again Who knows anyone could be A even Spencer. I don't think Emily shot Caleb, it was probably Nate who shot him. I wonder if Page already knew about the second A before Emily told her. A's plan is to frame Page I wonder if A has contacted Page before.


A warned emily becuz mayas bf coming back isn't a plan of A's. A wants to toy with them. and if Fake Nate killed Emily...well thats self explanatory.


I think this was tobys way of "finding out hiself" he's been away, not really seeing spencer. Maybe he dissapeared, and took that job so that he could get in with the "a's" find out insider information. If I was the a's it woudnt take much to convince us that toby now wants to make them all pay. I think, hope and pray that he is a mole - otherwise I hate him and how he's decieving spencer.....she might have her faults, but no one deserves that kind of treatment


Do you really think the a team, who are a group of really smart people, would just let Toby in their group like that? No he has been on the a team for awhile because why would they trust him to hel ruin Spencers and the other girls lives when hes's in love with her. I really hope they take the evil road on this one, as it would be much more entertaing to me since I don't really care for the couples on the show.


come on people nate was only stabbed he wouldn't have died that quick i'm sure it was him aiming for emily and caleb probably jumped in front i didn't see toby being apart of the A team maybe because i don't want to believe it so i'm gong to stick to what i predicted afew weeks ago i think that toby and caleb were sick of being in the dark and they know there is more to the story because the girls are always scared so they teamed up thats why i think toby warned emily to get out and why caleb was so sure that he was going to the right cabin and sent the girls somewhere else because i think toby gave him the heads up and by the look on tobys face when he was hugging spencer he looked guilty and like he wanted to tell her something but can't


I don't think Toby is working for the A team, I think he's just trying to figure out who the real "members" of the A team are. He's probably the one who called Emily to warn her that Nate was dangererous.


So sick and twisted! Did not see that one
Coming with Toby.. I suspected him
In season one.. Who didn't but... OMG!! Loved the eppy!


Please! Tell me Toby isn't really in the A team!!!! Please! :D


umm maya's phone was in her bag, the A's needed it to plant it on Paige, duh

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