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Well, I figured there was going to be a dud in the bunch eventually.

This half of season 16 of South Park has been consistently of really good quality, but all good streaks come to an end. "A Nightmare on Face Time" is that glorious letdown.

The Boys Halloween Plan

This was really just a bland episode. Randy buys a Blockbuster, it winds up not drawing in any customers, he makes family stay there, he goes crazy, and tries to go The Shining on them.

Meanwhile, Stan can't leave so he goes 'trick-or-treating' on an iPad with FaceTime, and winds up being treated as a real person in a way that no one even comments on. The absurdity just kind of fell flat. And people not recognizing Cartman as The Hulk was just too obvious. Him saying "CARTMAN SMASH!" at one point immediately before chickening out at the Redbox bandits was amusing, though.

It was one of the few South Park quotes I enjoyed this time around.

But really that was about it. Making fun of Blockbuster for the rise of Netflix and Hulu just seemed like too easy of a target, and there was nothing actually interesting to say about it. Not much caused me to laugh. The references were all so obvious. But, hey, there was a reference to "Gangnam Style" and a large hulking "Gangnamstein," which was actually pretty funny when Randy grabbed Stan's iPad and started going crazy on it for whatever reason. It all made no sense.

Also, this was my first experience with actually hearing "Gangnam Style." My rock that I live under is quite comfortable, yes. Though I still have managed to not hear "Call Me Maybe" yet. I totally expect that to be playing on next week's episode.

And that is something I can't wait for, because this one was just a pedestrian affair. It's like eating a dry, tasteless hamburger. It didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth like if it had some disgusting ingredients on it, but I also don't want to eat it again. And, so much like this hypothetical hamburger, I shall leave this experience behind. There will be better in the future, I am sure of it.


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THIS WAS A AWSOME EPISODE. What are you people thinking, this was by far the best episode of the season. i'm done with this website, the reviews lie!


One last thing, how has the reviewer not heard Gangnam Style yet? It's kinda surprising that fanatic would have him do the review for a show so based on pop culture and he has yet to hear a song that's been around for over 4 months now.


Normally, I don't jump on South Park reviews. Half the people say an episode is the best thing ever, while the other half says it's crap. But this was a solid episode. The idea that blockbusters are now the hotel from the Shinig is genius. The Psy costumes (the guy who sings gangnam style) were a great predictor of what the most common Halloween costume will be (also, Garrison made an Ryan Gosling from Drive!). I thought it was a 4.5 out of 5. A great addition to a solid season.


People don't know anything, this is what South Park was like in season 11 or 14, it was funny as hell, and it referenced one of my favorite movies....when was the last time South Park has made a movie reference based episode? Not in a while. The whole Hulu Netflix thing may not be the newest thing to reference, but it hasen't been done before. And at least i didn't have to research what the episode was all about like i had to research the Butterballs.


This was a brilliant episode. Randy's madness and Cartman's "green Honey Boo-Boo costume" was hilarious. Completely disagree that because Blockbuster is an easy target that makes the episode bad, it's a funny subject and it produced a damn good episode. Definitely better than the Hawaii one.


This episode is essentially an adaptation of The Shining.


This was way better than the hawaii episode. THAT one was your dud you spoke of. God, that one was bad. Randys face in the store at one point, and then as he was frozen, was hillarious.


Probably one of the worst episodes ever, I've been watching south park since the very beginning and this has made me not want to watch it ever again. Set aside the crap storyline, the amount of product placement in this episode was just ridiculous, there was product placement for the following : BlockBuster
Xbox 360
Ted the movie
McDonalds It was so unnecessary and it seemed like the entire episode was built around product placement, it was pretty jarring, then again they probably need the money from all the product placement to continue producing southpark, seeing as fewer and fewer people watch it nowadays, probably to do with the fact their episodes have been of extremely poor quality since around 2009.


good episode, at least 4 stars.


Your insane....This was a damm funny episode,Any episode with Randy at the Helm is always money in my book.Just the sight of the boys walking in the streets as the avengers with stan on the Skateboard/ipad was a riot in this viewers eyes.

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