Two and a Half Men Review: Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

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If there is one thing that can be learned from "Ferrets, Attack!," it is this: you should know who you are getting in bed with. In this instance, Walden ignored the warnings from Alan and Berta about Rose... and boy did he pay for it.

Who Will Walden Choose?

Indeed, our resident billionaire found himself between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea this week. He was faced with a choice of picking between two beautiful women. One of them reused his proposal and broke his heart; the other most definitely belongs in a psych ward.

Like I said last week, I wanted to see more of this Rose storyline, and I certainly got my wish. From the very first scene, where Rose and Walden were running a marathon from Santa Monica to Nevada in the bedroom, it was evident that Walden was making a grave mistake. I'm pretty sure he's pretty scared of ferrets now.

Despite my pleas, Chuck Lorre and company have decided to make Zoey stick around. It's clear there is a love triangle growing between Zoey, Walden and Rose. And no matter how dysfunctional this relationship may be, it at least provides laughs for the audience.

Other thoughts:

  • Jake has been promoted to dessert chef. Which means more food for him.
  • I need to see a lot more of Berta, as well as Judith; most of the supporting characters have been greatly underused this season. 
  • Really, who keeps ferrets as pets? Rose really is crazy. 

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Worst chapter ever?


more mom, berta, judith and herb. supporting cast is better than leads.


I have thought that from the C. Sheen departure that at the end of this series, Charlie will climb over the railing having escaped from Rose. Nothing so far has changed my mind.


I like Rose but I agree I think Alan should see if she really kill charile


I really don't like Zoey, she makes the show boring

Sue ann

Not enough Jake. Not enough Berta. I may have missed it, but I thought that Alan thought that Rose might have killed Charlie. But he does not seem to have mentioned it in the recent episodes .... I think she is crazy enough to have done it.

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Two and a Half Men Season 10 Episode 6 Quotes

Walden: She says wants to meet for coffee.
Alan: Oh, be careful. In my experience, when an ex wants to meet for coffee, it is either they want to borrow money or tell you that they gave you crabs.
Walden: You share too much.

Alan: She just wants to take advantage of Walden.
Berta: You do hear yourself talk, right?
Alan: Yes, I am a mooch, but I am not dangerous.