Two and a Half Men Review: A Fizzy Douche

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Finally, after two or three weeks of leading a double life, eating out of cans and using toilet paper as a coffee filter, Walden came to his senses and realized his lies were doing him no good: the billionaire decided to hightail it to New York and confess to Kate.

"Grab a Feather and Get in Line" brought everything to a head. After finding Walden holed up and looking miserable, Alan decided to intervene and take care of him and his pot belly.

Walden's Decision

Following a little exercise and healthy eating, they took off. Unfortunately, once Walden spilled the beans, Kate was understandably upset.

But I don’t get why she would not take him back. Granted, he might have lied, but he's also wholly responsible for her current success. If she were really angry, she should have cancelled the show and said she did not want anything to do with Walden or his money.

Although, some might argue, he lied to her, he tricked her, took advantage of her... but I don’t see it that way.

After getting rejected, and after Alan insisted they should take in some musicals, Walden imagined one and BOOM, both men were shimmying their way across the streets of New York, with people calling Walden a “fizzy douche," according to Kate. This scene was the most fun in any episode of Two and a Half Men Season 10.

By the way, how catchy was that big dance number? Walden and Alan deserve marks for their singing. 

Not to take anything away from the choreography, I would just have loved to see the supporting characters take part. Just imagine Berta belting out show tunes; the thought alone is leaving me in stitches.

So now that Kate and Walden are on a break, the latter is in the same place he was a few episodes ago: lots of money, a big jet and no one to love him. (And, no, Alan does not count).

In the end, he lost a lot. I just hope that Walden does eventually find someone. Don't you?

What did you think of the episode? Do you think Kate will take Walden back? Ponder these questions as you visit our updated Two and a Half Men quotes section.


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Very funny!!!


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One of the best episodes ever!


Angus T Jones was right, 2.5 is filthy, but he forgot not very funny. Fancy doesn't get to Broadway much. Fortunately my 15 year old daughter understands what a douche is. I had a much harder time explaining to her what "Jump the Shark" means. That was definitely Two & a Half Men's "Jump the Shark" episode.


Worst episode ever and that's saying something.


Bad dancing, mediocre choreography.
This was on at what time? 8 or 9 PM.
You do realize that kids watch that show, don't you?
This was a poor taste in judgement and I like the show.
That was all they could come up with?
Couldn't they sing "he was an idiot?"
How did "Vagina Cleaner" get past the censors? Yes, Alan's character has become a devious, self absorbed, drinking womanizer(still with no money.) Sound familiar? The gene doesn't fall far from the tree, Charlie. And for a guy who is an accomplished chiropractor, you'd think he could get out of his financial mess eventually? I like this show but this episode was almost as bad as 2 Broke Girls. This was an unfunny, disappointing episode.


interesting scene. would have preferred some other topic than "I am a douche." but interesting. including bertha would be good.


This episode was disgusting. I am not a prude, but the entire "fizzy douche" segment was actually beyond disgusting. Alan's character has changed dramatically--he used to be "Everyman"--that loser, sad sack relative or friend we all know. Now he is an obnoxious jerk with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Actually, no one on the show has any redeeming qualities. Done watching it.


The shows seem to be much better this season even though a lot of main characters have gone by the wayside or are hardly featured at all. This particular show is the best I've seen in a good while and I was totally surprised and delighted to see the "Broadway" show within a show. It was great fun. I'm not sorry to see Kate possibly going out of Walden's life....she probably would have dumped "Sam" anyway after getting a taste of fame and fortune (thanks to Walden)in New York. She should wise up and thank her lucky stars that she was duped but also loved by her wealthy boyfriend/benefactor...but somehow I don't think the writers will let that happen. haha


Funniest episode ever! Nice job writers. Going to use this phrase for awhile.

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My penis is like Santa Claus, I don't have to see it, I just need to believe it exists.


Kate: This whole time, I thought he was the douche, but turns out, you are the douche.
Alan: Unbelievable! She likes me.