Two and a Half Men Review: Party Hard

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Well, that was fun.

"Big Episode. Someone Stole a Spoon" ranks highly on our list of the best Two and a Half Men Season 10 episodes, if only for the Charlie Sheen dig.

Walden Went Too Far

Herb might look like docile, but, man, does he party like a rock star. While trying to get his mind off Judith, he went to the dark side and subsequently went off the rails for two days.

Last week, Herb went down the creepy route. Here, he went crazy... and the sheep got the worst of it.

Alan, Herb and Walden are all man-babies if you look closely. All three either have/had domineering mothers or ex/ wives. So that little bender was just a way of yanking off the leash.

It's often said that it all fun and games until someone gets hurt  both Walden and Alan felt the brunt of heavy partying in this case. However, Herb was not willing to give up living in that fantasy. He didn't want to face fact that Judith left him. So he decided to keep going with Kristen (who sells Plaxtril) and when that was not enough, he chose to commandeer a sheep. Yes, it was bad.

Alan and Walden have been in such a familiar position and therefore stepped in before the situation got worse and Herb began living with a farm animal by calling his wife, who quickly snapped him back to his senses.

Things have finally returned to their natural status. Herb is back with Judith, Walden and Alan are still living as roommates and there's no doubt they will grow old together.


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It's always great to see Herb, and it was even good to Judith for a quick cameo, but where is Alan's mother? Bring in more of the recurring cast on a regular basis please.


I really should have stopped watching this show after Allen did Marlyn Monroe. I've been fast forwarding thru the gay Allen scenes for quite some time now.
This is a gay show written by a bunch of fags.
I miss the way the show started with Charlie Harper and the hot chicks, but those days are gone.
Not sure it's worth putting up with the gay stuff for the occasional hot chick.
Can't stand gay Allen in his underwear, etc. Very sorry the writers won their strike! It makes it very hard to keep up with which weeks are new episodes and when the season ends with any of the prime-time shows, which are getting more and more ridiculous. Thank goodness for cable programing. I hope CBS, ABC, and NBC all die out.


When Walden woke up after the party and looked at his devastated home and compared it to Charlie Sheen's house, that's one of the funniest lines ever on this show. There have been several good episodes recently. Season nine was good but season ten is better.


i will admit finally the first few minutes were actually funny... the ball thing was good and i think what made the first few minutes ok was herb... again something from the past works... then as usual it went downhill very fast... and ended with a total thud...


very funny episode, knowing judith, nobody wonder why herb go so crazy, and alan still, with his cheapness.
please writers, stop making alan as a loser and a parasite

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Two and a Half Men Season 10 Episode 19 Quotes

Walden: That was the most pain I have experienced in a long time.

Alan: Says the only one in this room that was not married to Judith.

Herb: Have a drink.

Walden: I don't think I can.
Herb: Come on, I did not fix those nuts, so you could grow a vagina.