Elementary Season 1 Report Card: A

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Throughout Elementary Season 1 we dove into a new case almost every week and met many people who Sherlock believed to be Moriarty.

We also watched as Joan became an investigator, while Sherlock dealt with his past addictions and the loss of Irene Adler. It all led up to the most shocking revelation of the season: Irene Adler is Moriarty.

Read on to find out what we thought of Elementary Season 1 in this TV Fanatic Report Card and then hand out a grade yourself to the CBS drama...

Teaching Watson

Best Episode: The two hour finale of "The Woman; Heroine", obviously. I mean, let's all be real honest the reveal of Irene being Moriarty was a HUGE jaw-dropper. On top of all of the Moriarty/Irene business we had so much come from Joan, she solved Moriarty when Sherlock never could. In the first part we were shown the past between Irene and Sherlock, in the last minute he realizes that she had been working for Moriarty. In the second part we saw Moriarty for what she really was. At the end of the day, the woman wasn't Irene, it was Joan. (Episode Review: Joan Watson, Heroine)

Worst Episode: Elementary's worst episode was chosen by my lowest star rating, which was still a 4! I really wouldn't say this episode was the worst but it was the one I was least interested in until the very last scene. It was "Flight Risk". It didn't really contain anything special that just pulled my attention. I had predicted the killer from early on, which was something I didn't normally do. The great thing about this episode was that it was the first mention of Irene Adler, which was the finale scene of Flight Risk. Still a great episode because I don't remember ever disliking anything Elementary threw our way. (Episode Review: Drug Smuggling and Plane Sabotaging)

Best Character: Joan Watson and it wasn't an easy pick because I love Sherlock almost as much. Joan grew the most out of everyone on the show. From a sober companion to Sherlock's assistant/companion. Joan was pivotal in solving cases and the biggest one being Moriarty. My favorite thing about this show is the fact that Watson is a woman. I am sure people were skeptic about the casting decision but the moment she was on screen, all doubt was crushed. Her chemistry with Johnny Lee Miller is one of the most important factors in Elementary - it's the reason why I think it's so good. Sherlock and Holmes care deeply about another and become stronger as a partnership and dynamic as each episode passed. Joan has so much untouched potential and I have no doubt in my mind that Lucy Lui will encapsulate it perfectly.

Worst Character:  Detective Marcus Bell. I regret nothing about this decision. I have no interest in Bell and even his centric episode didn't really spark my curiosity. I enjoy his relationship and understanding with Sherlock and that is about it. Sometimes they have little moments that make me laugh.

Best Recurring Character: I'm feeling rather repetitive but Natalie Dormer as Irene Adler and Moriarty. How perfect was Natalie Dormer as both? American painter turned notorious English genius killer? Natalie Dormer was perfection. Moriarty is in prison but I'm extremely doubtful that it can hold someone as powerful as she is. The chemistry that Natalie and Johnny had together was gripping. Their intensity was surprising to me and I think it made it more enjoyable. The scene in Sherlock's home when he said, "are you saying we're alike?" And Moriarty responded, "I'm saying I'm better."

Hopes for Season 2: The return of Natalie Dormer as Moriarty. Now that Joan has proved she is a worthy adversary that makes her a target for Moriarty and I look forward to hopefully seeing that how plays out. I would like to have the introduction of Sherlock's father. I would love to delve into more of Watson's past and find out more on her past relationship with one of her previous clients. I obviously want Gregson and Sherlock to have a strong bromance again, I love them.

Overall Grade: A

YOUR turn, TV Fanatics: What grade would you give Elementary Season 1?


Worst episode: 1x19 "Dead man's switch". Do I really need to explain anybody in here why using victims of rape as a plot device and focusing only on their father's feelings sucks ass? Also that one with the constant bodyshaming and the murder who reminded me of Se7en.
@BWM in Calgary: They shot most of it on greenscreen, meaning the snow storm wasn't real.


Great review, thanks! Agree with most of your points. The only thing I would add is that while Joan did indeed have great character development in S1, I think Sherlock did as well. It's just that, IMO, Sherlock's development comes with a much bigger struggle for him, so is more like baby steps. It gets an "A" from me. On to S2!


Best new show on TV - Love it - Look forward to it every week.


Season Grade: B


Great season


I didn't expect much from this show when it first aired but gave it a shot. I ended up loving it. I love how they are portrayed, and the dynamic of the female to male interaction. I do not however want them together. I feel as if they are more like siblings, but who knows that may change over the seasons.


I agree on every point bar the best recurring character, for me that would have to be Alfredo.


Lucy and Jonny Lee should both get Emmy noms for their work this season.
I've been a fan of Sherlock since a child with the books, and this iteration is every bit as ground-breaking as the classic Jeremy Brett BBC version.


A spectacular show.
I found the episode set in the blizzard very intriguing. How was that set up? Did they have a script ready and were just waiting for a storm, or did they have something else planned and adapted that script to the storm on the fly? I think it must have been the latter and I was very impressed with how they pulled it off.

Spindae 2o

I finally watched the Final today and was blown away! The show is so good. I would love it more if the go with a fewer episode count by season so they can dig deeper into the relationships, sometimes I doesn't need the drama around the case. Lucy and Johnny were tremendous as well. Really good. For S2: we need more Moriarty but they could dig deeper in the detectives and we need to meet Sherlocks Father!

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Elementary Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Jim: My name is Jim Fowkes. I am the chief vestment officer. This is Daniel Cho our Chief Financial Officer another in-house board member.
Sherlock: Yep. You're all chiefs of something. What do you want?

Aaron: What is I.M.L.T.H.O?
Sherlock: In my less than humble opinion.
Watson: You're abbreviations are becoming borderline indecipherable. I don't know why, because you are obviously capable being articulate.
Sherlock: Language is evolving Watson becoming a more effective version of itself. I love text shorthand. It's a way you to convey content and tone without losing velocity.