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A year ago you were one of those doctors. Seem you shifted over to the other side.

Paige: Evan R. Lawson, will you marry me?
Evan: In a heartbeat, Paige Collins?

Sometimes secrets are necessary.


Hello, what is ECT? I'm not here to grill chicken and raise housing empires...

I came to deliver a surprise, but it looks like the surprise is on me.

By other you meant previous, right Mrs. Collins?

Maybe you were right, Henry. Maybe I don't know her. Maybe I don't know her at all.

So two birds, one Today-show-sized bird.

Hank: You're not turning this into McMedicine.
Evan: What about Medbucks?

Paige, Will you marry me?

Evan: You knew people still do that? Why didn't you tell me.
Hank: I assumed we lived in the same society...

It has to be my Mona Lisa, my Sgt. Pepper's....

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