I have no problem with crying in a grocery store. I would suggest, however, the next time you feel overwhelmed by something, to go to a different section.

Woman: Do you want to apologize to my dog? Because you really yelled at my dog.
Larry: Yeah, it's very hard to apologize to a dog because they're a stupid animal.

I don't know where you were living before, but I think this would probably be a step up. You hit the jackpot with this place, huh?

She was upset? Her dog pooped all over my yard, three times.

I could be a burlesque dermatologist.

Richard: How did you see a small mole from where you were sitting?
Larry: Well I have breast vision.

Stella: It sounds like you appreciate the art form.
Larry: Well I appreciate naked women.

You called me old? You're two days older than I am.

Funkhouser: We ought to do this more often.
Larry: Come to disgusting strip clubs?

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