Oscar: How long can you sustain this without a cash infusion?
Ryan: We have nine solid days. I love these questions, keep 'em coming.

Welcome to the party, everyone have their Koooool-Aiiiiid?

Ryan: For all their generosity of spirit, they password protect their wireless?
Kelly: Try Jesus.

I've been to that place. If you go to Cabo San Lucas, all the prostitutes are from Cabo Corrientes.

I hope you brought your pipes. We're about to smoke the opium in the masses.

Hey man, can I get a plus five? And it's all guys.

Ryan: I just sent myself a woof.
Erin: Ryan, you have a Woof on Line 1.

Ryan: I think you're attractive. And I wanna sleep with you.
Erin: What about Kelly?
Ryan: You read my mind.
Erin: Is this a joke?
Ryan: Yes!

Kelly: Can you stop micro-managing? I know how to do this.
Dwight: What are you guys doing?
Kelly: This girl was really rude to me at the mall, so I created a fake IM account from a hot guy at her high school, and now I'm trying to make her anorexic.
Ryan: Tell her everyone in homeroom thinks she's fat.
Kelly: That is so good.

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