Tracy Jordan I am taking you to a strip club.


Whoah, you look good. You lose weight or something? Your neck, it looks looser.


What if we had a child that was prettier than us? We'd have to leave it in a desert.


Is this just to talk? Or will you be activating my electronic underwear?


Liz: Lutz what are you working on?
Lutz: Breathing through my mouth so I don't smell the throw up on my shirt.

Liz: Jenna think about this. You will have a child.
Jenna: Who will grow up to be a little gay fancy man.

Why don't you shut your mouth, back that ass up, and make me a sandwich!


I had a boyfriend, Dennis. I'm sure he was an idiot, but he made great chili and he didn't care if I watched tv during sex.


Jack: Do you know what I find facinating?
Tom: Mystery novels written by janitors?

Where's my mac 'n cheese?!?


The only thing I want latched to my fun bags are celebrity djs.


Without Tracy, your show is like my cholesterol...the numbers are killing me.


30 Rock Season 5 Quotes

Who hasn't made mistakes? I once french kissed a dog at a party to try to impress what turned out to be a very tall 12 year old


Happy what terrorists say. Merry Christmas- Avery and Jack.