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Why do these stars have names on them?


Holy banjo, check out boob mountain.


I just want to give him a memory that is so great that he will never forget it.


Ellie: Stan the bartender?
Andy: We have a son named Stan.
Ellie: Oh, sure sure.

Sweetie, I'd let other people do the cons.


Remember when we wanted to change the title? Ah, good times. Thanks for sticking with us.

Title Card

Laurie: Hey, for the record I wore underwear tonight so you'd think I was classy.
Travis: No you didn't.
Laurie: I didn't. Turns out I don't actually own any.

Ellie: I'd be so much of a better husband than you. You're lucky you have a penis.
Grayson: Yup, they're pretty cool.

Yes, you've made me dumber, congratulations.

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