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Greg: octyl cyanoacrylate!
DB: Gesundheit.
Greg: It's what Nick smelled in the alley, octyl cyanoacrylate. It's inva-skin.

Lets go rally the troops and see if forensics can do what police work couldn't.


Moreno: Maybe you pulled a muscle.
Finn: Feels like it, I think I need a rub down.
Moreno: I'll keep that in mind.

DB: Are you saying there is a third one out there?
Henry: Look on the bright side, we still know who we are looking for.

Sarah: Xavier checked in on Friday, the only thing he's been doing since then is watching porn.
Officer: Guess murder makes him horny.

Archie: How can a guy be in two places at the same time?
Morgan: He can't

Brass: I have 65 cops and 40 security guards.
Nick: And cameras everywhere, how did he get away?

Morgan: Sorry about this, I was trying to do a favor for Hodges, but he's a...
Ecklie: Is an irrepressible but ridiculous human being?
Morgan: Yeah, that. Sorry
Ecklie: Don't worry about it, it's a nice thing you're doing for him.

Ecklie: Seriously, you watch too much TV.
Sarah: I work the night shift, and my husband is living abroad, cut me some slack please.

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