Sarah: Your saying when you went to work last night your wife was in the house and now they are both missing.
Dwayne: Yes, that is what I'm trying to tell you people!
Nick: Think someone was after the house or the wife?

Russell: Hey! Nobody calls me Diebenkorn around here, it's DB!
Julie: Hmmm [smiles]

Julie: I think Juan may have pulled the trigger, but I don't think he was the trigger.
Russell: It's a little Zen.

Looks like a partial palm print. It kinda looks like what happen in Las Vegas, stay on Las Vegas.


Julie: We need a safe word for when that Zen crap starts.
Russell: Pick one.
Julie: Ok, how about "Stop" - will that work?

Julie: Think you're getting kind of forgetful. Must be all that "zen master - living in the moment stuff."
Russell: [smiles] Yeah.

Russell: Wish me luck.
Henry: Where you going?
Russell: We need a blood-whisperer.

Russell: What do you think two dead young women?
Brass: and your muse is a dead ringer.

Russell: He's taking his time, savoring it.
Sarah: He's getting more confident.
Russell: Which means, he's getting harder to catch.

Sheriff: I've got enough problems, this one - you need to solve. [walks out]
Brass: I think she was looking at you when she said that.
Russell: Yeah, right.

Brass: Sick bastard took her eyes, why?
Russell: The hell with why, I want to know who.

Bottom line, some creep took your hair, don't let him mess with your head.


CSI Season 12 Quotes

Lets go rally the troops and see if forensics can do what police work couldn't.


Sarah: Xavier checked in on Friday, the only thing he's been doing since then is watching porn.
Officer: Guess murder makes him horny.