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And not a single fatty - that's impressive.

Jim Nantz

That woman nursing a Black Russian is about to chase it with a White American!


First of all, come on buddy, you can't handle the fudge.


Robin: Dude you are so the reacher, you are getting her a horse.
Marshall: What?
Robin: Take the hint, take the hint.

Every relationship has a reacher and a settler.


Barney: And there's about to be one more story - I'm gonna bang Jenkins.
Ted: Wait you want to have sex with Jenkins?
Barney: With Jenkins, on Jenkins, near Jenkins - you name it. I wanna wear Jenkins like a sock.

It happened! Do you have any...split pea left?


So are you really a Vikings fan or was that a lie too?


Ted, I've been skee ball champ here since Law School.

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