What? That doesn't even make sense. I don't think I would've put you in the hospital... the wall put you in the hospital.


I didn't know that s*&t was cement. That s&%t doesn't even have a dent on it.


Ronnie: You alright?
Mike: I didn't realize that wall was so hard.

Don't leave without me or I'll never talk to you guys again.


I was mature by putting stuff on Ron's bed but throwing it out is going a little too far.


When I see Mike with his neck brace, I'm like oh my God he's got his glasses on like always and the neck brace. You don't wear sunglasses with a neck brace. He looks ridiculous.


When I see Mike and his neck brace, I feel like he's doing an insurance claim right now.


I have a big heart and if somebody else in the house was hurt, I'd be checking on them you know what I mean, but nobody was really checking on me really that much.


I didn't even really listen to her apology too much because it is Sam's fault we fought and I just went through a wall. I can't hear that s&$t.

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