I don't think either of them can fight. I mean I know Mike used to take karate and Ronnie's got big muscles but whatever.

Pauly D

He didn't hurt me, there was not one scratch on my pretty face. All those muscles, didn't do s#!t to me.


[to girls, pointing at Ron] That's what happens when you take steroids.

Pauly D

Two guys, two girls. Seems like a party to me.


Me and Sammi talking when we're drunk is like throwing kerosene to the fire.


I have my periodozo.


Passing out flyers is the best way to meet girls ... I should get a commission for this ... Yeah buddy!

Pauly D

This is going to be a miserable job. So, let's get our buzz on.


I'm not a c**kblocker. I gave her back afterwards.


Deena has a criminal record of c**kblocking now. This is a serious offense and is going to be on her record for at least 7 years.


[to Deena] Erica called but I don't know who she's called for, Vinny or you.


Come on. Lesbionic. Lesbehonest!

Pauly D
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Jersey Shore Season 4 Quotes

Pauly D: Yo, if she still has coloring books ... she's too young for you, man.
Vinny: If she's got a basket on her bicycle ... she's too young for you man.
Pauly D: If she still has the parental controls on her TV ... she's too young for you bro.
Vinny: If she only owns Snow White on DVD ... she's too young for you man.
Pauly D: If his Keds still light up ... he's too young for you bro.
Ronnie: [laughs]
Pauly D: If she still plays laser tag ... she's too young for you bro.
JWoww: That's me.

[to Ronnie] I'm gonna tell you something. Nobody knows about this. Me and Snooki, we kind of hooked up. Two three months ago. She had the boyfriend and she was like 'Yeah, there's something there.'

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