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I'm worried about you man. You haven't looked this bad since my bachelor party. My second one.


With or without my powers I'm pretty confident I can still kick your ass.


Everything I do is to help my family, to protect them, and Katie, well, she's my family too. But if you ever hurt her, there will be no serum to protect you from me.


Jim: You were standing right there, with the gun.
George: Maybe it was someone else; you know we don't all look alike Jim.

Stephanie: Pretend I have Wonder Woman's rope around you, and you feel compelled to disclose everything.
Katie: Technically it's a lasso.

Dude you had me commit a federal offense, the least you can do is pop a doorknob.


Daphne: If I can figure this out she can finally move on with her life and have some closure.
J.J.: And fall into the arms of her nerd in shining armor.

For the record, if this were a romantic comedy you would have found that totally charmin


George: Where are we gonna find one? Run an ad in the personals: Single Super Seeking Same for testing and whistleblowing.

Stephanie's got a taste of the crime-fighting bug and me think she likey.


King: She can move at remarkable speed and with his strength he can move...anything he wants.
Victoria: Quite the power couple.

That is so unfair. She never changes her mind when I beg. You must be the Mom Whisperer or something.

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No Ordinary Family Quotes

Stephanie: Who are you texting now?
Daphne: God.

I don't know why you guys can't go without me and just photo shop me in.