Stephanie's got a taste of the crime-fighting bug and me think she likey.


King: She can move at remarkable speed and with his strength he can move...anything he wants.
Victoria: Quite the power couple.

That is so unfair. She never changes her mind when I beg. You must be the Mom Whisperer or something.


Jim: What kind of guy gets so threatened by his wife?
Stephanie: All of 'em I think.

George I really had no idea you had such impressive equipment.


I got the guy. The least you can do is fist bump me or something.


Stephanie: Katie you're brilliant.
Katie: Yes, that's what the testing shows.

Jim: Did you run this by the cops?
George: I tried, but they were about as interested in my theory as I was in Eat Pray Love.

You know, all that really cool stuff that only exists in movies to provide Mark Wahlberg with some important clue he missed the for first two acts.

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