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You just made my boy parts get bigger.


It's bad enough that my cookie box is all stretched out.


Well the food's not so great, but the pussy's pretty good.

Grammy Gallagher

I've never seen you put on deodorant before.

Carl [to Frank]

Not to be a dick or anything, but you have been kind of a whore.


Eat my ass!!!

Debbie [playing video game]

Snob Mob: It must be nice not to own a house and have to worry about this stuff.
Fiona: Yeah, it gives me more time to buy drugs and fence stolen goods.

Wanna see me make a Mangina?


Not only did you lie to me about the PCP, you fucked my brother. What's next? You're gonna take up with a black lady man? Oh I forgot that already happened.

Frank [to Monica]
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