The Mentalist

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The mentalist
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Lisbon: Remember, Jane is a psyhic.
Abbott: A pretend psychic. If you haven't told him, chances are he doesn't know.

You are a terrible liar. I like that in a man.


People only talk to me like this when it's doing something shady for Jane.


Check you out. Good looking and helpful.


Marvin: Just a bunch of fat guys in pleaded shorts as far as the eye can see.
Jane: That's a vivid image.

I can't promise she won't hurt anyone. I can try to restrain her but I can't promise.


One of your members murdered somebody. We'd like to talk to someone about that.


Even a broken clock gets to be right twice a day.


Fischer: You ever wonder what Jane thinks about it?
Cho: Never.
Fischer: Really, why not?
Cho: My brain would explode.

Someone just wanted the dead guy dead.


Now unless you have any questions about how I played you like a big ole' bassoon, I have someplace fabulous to go.


I keep finding strangers in my bedroom. It must have been a good party.

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As they say, you can take the girl out of Chicago but you can't take the Chicago out of the girl.


Teresa Lisbon: Why don't you go back to my place, jump into bed? I'll come and tuck you in when I'm done.
Patrick Jane: I'd rather be here with you.