Jim: Why is there so much saliva?
Dwight: All I had to do was think about pie and my salivary glands did the rest.

The Sabre Store would work if we adopted the carnival model of leaving town once everyone's wise to us.


I wanna be wined, and dined, and 69ed.


Irene: What kind of tea is this?
Erin: Oh, I boiled some Gatorade.

Okay, okay. I will be the first to admit it. We could have integrated more Chuck into the presentation.


I know you're my boss, but you need to get the hell out of my face.


Poor Andy. First you got beat up by a gang, and now she kicks your ass?


When people see this presentation, they're gonna c** in their pants.


I auditioned for the Spice Girls, I didn't even get a call back.

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