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Homer: Now, Lisa, I know you miss your whale, so I got you a pet that will never die: An invisible dog.

Behold! I am Captain Kirk from Star Trek 1! 2 ... 5 ... Generations ... Boston Legal.

Comic Book Guy

It was my idea to put the whale in the water.


How hard can it be? We're just rolling it into the ocean from the beach. It's not like it's stuck in a well or a Mexican prison. But that would make a great movie!


Lisa: Whales are mammals and are deeply intelligent and sensitive like us.
Jimbo [to whale]: Haha, nerd.

From now on, the Simpsons are living intermittently.


I'm not made of money, I'm made of man meat and an a skeleton.


South Park - We'd stand beside you if we weren't so scared.


Chief Wiggum: Who are you, the rules police?
Lou: No, we are the police police.

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