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Milhouse: Is the yellow one lemon or pineapple?
Lunchlady Doris: It's your pet canary

Oh great. Make me look easy in front of the voice.

Jimbo's Girlfriend

Who wants feet steak?


Homer: Hey, boy. Whatcha' doin?
Bart: Experimenting with my butt.
Homer: Heh heh heh. My little Einstein.

Now, just follow a little formula called PB & J. Peer at the monitor. Be judgmental. And jot it down. One way to remember that is A-B-C. Always Be Considering PB & J. But the single most important rule is the four As. Always Act According to A-B-C.

Chief Wiggum

You are all that rare combination - prying but not pervy.

Chief Wiggum

Mayor Quimby: Is this what the framers of the Constitution would want?
Wally: Well, I'm Wally of Wally's Framers, and this is exactly what I want.

Principal Skinner: Ralph Wiggum will be standing in for your lectern.
Ralph: I'm a furniture.

Maybe the blood will scare the sharks off.

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