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Great Raymondo: This is a house of magic.
Lisa: Sounds like most of it is owned by the bank.
Great Raymondo: But the rest of it is magic.

Hello boat store, I'd like to order a boat. What do you mean dial tone?


Masseuses - half doctors, half hookers that solve everything.


First I work? Then I pay? Then I have to eat fruit? Why was I ever born?


Homer: The therapy was too effective.
Dr. Zander: Ah, yes. One of the most common complaints about therapy.

Sue me for what? My home in a hallowed out tree?

Dr. Zander

That's ridiculous. How could two people from the same family need therapy?


I can't quit drinking anymore than I can quit being a man. [takes a drink] Now it feels like a morning.


Dr. Zander: After two more weeks of sessions...
Homer: I lied about having health insurance.
Dr. Zander: You're cured.

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